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Silky smooth and cool to the touch, our cooling weighted blankets are like a tall glass of chilled iced tea on a hot summer day.

Cooling Bamboo Weighted Blanket

All-Natural Bamboo Viscose
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Cooling PE-Nylon Blend Weighted Blanket

Thermoregulating Blend
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Industry leading 2"x2" pockets for an unrivaled weight distribution.

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Premium faux fur, velvet, and minky for a warm, cozy embrace.

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Handnit for even weight distribution and superior breathablity.

YNM Cooling Weighted Blanket

Enjoy the comfort without overheating

One of the things most people have an issue with when it comes to weighted blankets is using them in summer. Most weighted blankets tend to get so hot, and they can be stuffy, especially on those hot nights.

Despite this, having a weighted blanket is the surest way to sleep without an issue. At YNM, we understand the struggle of having a weighted blanket and getting cool enough on hot nights. We have the best cooling weight blanket catalog to cater to this issue. You don’t have to worry about being unable to stay comfortable in the hot season.

Our cooling blanket options are often bamboo weighted blankets since they are breathable. Bamboo is a natural fiber that will ensure you do not get sweaty. It can fit any bed, from a toddler to a king-size bed, so you can choose what fits you best. The breathability aspect makes it a better cooling option since it has better ventilation.

Regarding our cool weighted blankets, we choose to go with more glass beds than fiberfill since fiber makes a blanket warm. You do not want a cooling blanket that makes you hot and sweaty daily. We ensure the cooling blanket is made of a different ratio blend of glass beads and fiber fill.

If you need a weighted cooling blanket, check out our catalog. We have different options for you, all made of quality materials. You can choose the different options so that whatever you buy fits your current needs. Where in doubt, ensure you talk to our staff. They can help answer any question regarding the kind of blanket you should get.