Choosing Your Blanket Weight

Weighted Blankets should be approximately 10% of your body weight. Choose the following:

15 lbs blanket if you weigh 120 lbs+

20 lbs blanket if you weigh 190 lbs+

25 lbs blanket if you weigh 240 lbs+

Blanket Available Sizes

Choose a blanket size that matches your bed size. For king size beds, check out our couples blankets.

Choosing Your Blanket Weight

Weighted Blankets should be approximately 10% of your body weight. Choose the following:

20 lbs blanket if the lightest person in the couple weighs 120 lbs+

25 lbs blanket if the lightest person in the couple weighs 190 lbs+

30 lbs blanket if the lightest person in the couple weighs 240 lbs+

Blanket Available Sizes

Our King Size Weighted Blanket comes in size 80" x 87" which is perfect for King and Queen sized beds.

Weight Information

Our Kids Weighted Blanket weighs 7 lbs and is suitable for children that weigh 50 lbs+. Ensure your child can remove the blanket unassisted.

Blanket Available Sizes

Our Kids Size Weighted Blanket comes in size 41" x 60" which is perfectly sized to fit children's beds.


Cooling Weighted Blanket: Made with 100% soft bamboo viscose fabric. Perfect for hot sleepers.

Original Weighted Blanket: Our classic design. Wrapped in 100% soft cotton fabric.

King Size Weighted Blanket: Our classic cotton weighted blanket now available in King Size!

Get a better night's sleep in a natural way.

Get a better night's sleep in a natural way.

How to Stay Cool With A Weighted Blanket

Woman Under YNM Infinite Minky weighted Blanket

Although Weighted Blankets apply consistent weight across your body as you sleep, most don’t retain heat. This depends on the quality of the fabric on the materials used within the breathable Weighted Blanket. If you’re a hot sleeper, this article will cover our best tips to help you sleep better at night!

What Is A Weighted Blanket?

Before we dive into the depths of a Weighted Blanket that keeps you cool, let’s quickly recap on what a Weighted Blanket is. A Weighted Blanket is a sleep aid which helps millions of people experience a better night’s sleep. Whether this is by reducing their stress or anxiety, aches and pains, or aiding with the insomnia—there is no shortage of glowing reviews of how Weighted Blankets help sleepers take back the night.

Woman Under YNM Infinite Minky weighted Blanket

The secret to the weight is the filling throughout the middle of the blankets. Divided into dozens of pockets, this filling molds to your body to apply a constant weight. This weight simulates the experience of a hug which releases chemicals in our body to help us relax and feel better.

You can learn more about Weighted Blankets in our guide. However, this naturally brings up the question: Do Weighted Blankets make you hot?

Are Weighted Blankets Hot?

Another popular question we get asked: Are Weighted Blankets hot in the Summer? The conversation on heat retention of Weighted Blankets really comes down to 2 factors: The sleeper, and the quality of the Weighted Blanket.

Some of us exert more heat than others. To the point where this is detrimental to getting a good night’s rest. If this is already a problem, then it’s a fair enough question to wonder whether there is a breathable Weighted Blanket on the market with superior air flow qualities.

However, this comes down to the quality of the Weighted Blanket—from the materials used to give the blankets weight, to the outside fabric. A lot of Weighted Blankets on the market use plastic pellets to give the blanket its weight. This is a cheap option, but it does the job. Unfortunately, plastic absorbs a lot of heat. Therefore, if you are already sleeping hot, rather than that heat escaping through the Weighted Blanket, it’s building up and will make you feel uncomfortable.

The second problem with some Weighted Blankets is the quality of the outer fabric. The most frequent fabric is cotton. Which is generally breathable and should allow heat to pass easily. But this depends on the quality of cotton. Unless it’s 100% cotton, it’s probably not doing you many favors.

With all of that said, this isn’t the case with a YNM Weighted Blanket. We use micro glass beads to give our blankets their unique weight. Glass doesn’t absorb the heat from your body, allowing it to pass through the blanket and out into the room. The same can be said for the quality of our fabrics. Our original Weighted Blanket uses 100% cotton, so for most sleepers, this will do the job to help them sleep cool and enjoy the benefits of a Weighted Blanket.

But what if you sleep a little extra toasty—more than the average person? What options are available to you?

Woman Under YNM Infinite Minky weighted Blanket

Weighted Blanket That Stays Cool

It was through popular demand we introduced our range of Cooling Weighted Blankets a couple of years ago. But what is it about this range of Weighted Blanket that keeps you cool and feeling fresh at night?

The secret is in the fabric: Premium Bamboo fabric. Using 100% Bamboo viscose, the blanket feels cold to the touch! Selected for its superior airflow qualities, little heat is being kept within the blanket itself. Making this not only a suitable hot weather Weighted Blanket, but for those who sleep hot all year round too! Our most breathable Weighted Blanket, users can enjoy the benefits of sleeping with a Weighted Blanket while remaining at a healthy temperature through the night!

How To Sleep Cooler At Night

If you feel too hot frequently as you sleep, you can enhance the effects of using a Cooling Weighted Blanket with three practices:

Loose Clothing

Or in particular, avoid tight fitting nightwear. Tighter fabrics sit closer to your skin and trap heat trying to leave your body. The baggier your PJ’s, the easier it is for heat to escape. Especially when you combine this with a Weighted Blanket which will naturally hold your clothing against you as you sleep. Or, if you don’t already, try sleeping with next to nothing on!

Cool Shower

Before climbing into bed, take a nice warm shower. As you’re about ready to get out, gradually lower the temperature of the water. This will help your body to lower your internal temperature, so you can jump out at a manageable temperature perfect for getting to sleep.

Only Sleep With A Breathable Weighted Blanket

This might go without saying, but avoid sleeping on top of, or with a traditional blanket over you. You should strip away any additional fabrics which aren’t breathable too. Maybe go the extra step and look out for new bed sheets!

Most of these tips only apply when using a Weighted Blanket that stays cool as you sleep. Which is why sleepers adore our Cooling Weighted Blanket! Here’s one hot sleeper’s take on their cooling, breathable Weighted Blanket:

Fabric is very soft and stays cool. I am a hot sleeper and with a fan on. The weight of the blanket is great! Feels like snuggles. I got the king because it’s meant for two ppl. My boyfriend who was skeptical enjoys it now too. Well worth the price.

Using A Cover With Your Weighted Blanket

The final question we are often asked is on using one of our Weighted Blanket covers with the Cooling Weighted Blanket. Covers are great for providing that extra layer of protection while customizing the design of your blanket.

If you bundle a cooling cover to go with your Weighted Blanket, then the ability of the breathable Weighted Blanket to allow heat to escape remains the same!

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