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Knitted Cotton Weighted Blanket

Take a deep breath—inhale peace, exhale happiness. Life is peachy when you take time to decompress with our new and improved Knitted Cotton Weighted Blanket.



  • Product: Knitted Cotton Weighted Blanket | Swatch: Light Grey
  • Product: Knitted Cotton Weighted Blanket | Swatch: Navy Blue


Size guide


FIT: To choose the ideal blanket weight, add 1lb to 10% of your body weight.



Perfect for all climates

  • 1-Year warranty
  • Dedicated customer support team

Wrap yourself in a warm embrace

Here’s what you can expect from your blanket.

  • Handcrafted Design

    Carefully hand-knit for even weight distribution and comfort.

  • Contour Technology

    Engineered to adapt to the shape of your body.

  • Premium Craftsmanship

    Thoughtfully handcrafted from sustainably sourced textiles.

  • Natural breathability

    Moisture wicking fibers and a chunky weave for maximum air circulation.

  • Tailored to Your Style

    Colorful chunky-knit yarn fuses style and function.

Less dosing, more dozing

Get a better night's sleep, the natural way.


Boost melatonin production and fall into a deep, dark, unshakable slumber.


Supercharge your serotonin, fostering positive vibes and a sense of well-being.


Regulate cortisol and kick that daily stress and anxiety to the curb.


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"I think it played a key role in helping me feel calm in the aftermath of a difficult breakup."


"Made the time I spent in bed more productive and more restful."


"But the real winner here is the fabric: an extra soft, silky smooth bamboo cover."


"When used for relaxation, I feel cozy, and when used at night, I fall asleep faster, sleep deeper."

Business Insider

"Plus, it’s versatile, since the blanket can be used along with a duvet cover or on its own."


"Along with the price tag, we like YNM’s large selection of colors and sizes."

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Size Guide


  • 90 lbs
    10 lbs
  • 140 lbs
    15 lbs
  • 190 lbs
    20 lbs
  • 240 lbs
    25 lbs

Couple (lightest person)

  • 70 - 140 lbs
    15 lbs
  • 90 - 160 lbs
    20 lbs
  • 110 - 190 lbs
    25 lbs
  • 140 - 240 lbs
    30 lbs

What's your bed size?

  • Standard twin bed

    38" x 75"

    YNM recommended size

    Twin 50" x 60"

  • Standard full bed

    53" x 75"

    YNM recommended size

    Full/Queen 60" x 80"

  • Standard queen bed

    60" x 80"

    YNM recommended size

    Full/Queen 60" x 80"

  • Standard king bed

    76" x 80"

    YNM recommended size

    King 80" x 87"

Weighted Blankets are not meant to hang off the edge. This concentrates the weight where it matters the most, ON YOU!

To cover your side of the bed only, choose a smaller size and select a pressure based on your weight.