Choosing Your Blanket Weight

Weighted Blankets should be approximately 10% of your body weight. Choose the following:

15 lbs blanket if you weigh 120 lbs+

20 lbs blanket if you weigh 190 lbs+

25 lbs blanket if you weigh 240 lbs+

Blanket Available Sizes

Choose a blanket size that matches your bed size. For king size beds, check out our couples blankets.

Choosing Your Blanket Weight

Weighted Blankets should be approximately 10% of your body weight. Choose the following:

20 lbs blanket if the lightest person in the couple weighs 120 lbs+

25 lbs blanket if the lightest person in the couple weighs 190 lbs+

30 lbs blanket if the lightest person in the couple weighs 240 lbs+

Blanket Available Sizes

Our King Size Weighted Blanket comes in size 80" x 87" which is perfect for King and Queen sized beds.

Weight Information

Our Kids Weighted Blanket weighs 7 lbs and is suitable for children that weigh 50 lbs+. Ensure your child can remove the blanket unassisted.

Blanket Available Sizes

Our Kids Size Weighted Blanket comes in size 41" x 60" which is perfectly sized to fit children's beds.


Cooling Weighted Blanket: Made with 100% soft bamboo viscose fabric. Perfect for hot sleepers.

Original Weighted Blanket: Our classic design. Wrapped in 100% soft cotton fabric.

King Size Weighted Blanket: Our classic cotton weighted blanket now available in King Size!

Sale : 15% off. Use Code: SUMMER15 at checkout

15% Off: Use Code: SUMMER15 at checkout.

Bamboo Sheet Set Reviews

Press Reviews

Cooling Bamboo Sheet Sets Customer Reviews

YNM Customer

Life changing, seriously. 


Warm when you need it cool and dry when you need it and oh soooooo soft and smooth. Even in Hilo Hawai'i I was cool and comfortable with these sheets. Warning, you will never buy any other sheets once you try these. They are incredible and trust me, I'm BEYOND picky.

YNM Customer

Very Deep

I'd been fighting finding the best sheets that were deep enough for my bed, which has a mattress pad and a foam topper, and another topper thing on top of THAT. These are BRILLIANT for my bed. SUPER deep, no joke. To some degree almost -too- deep, but I am NOT complaining about that whatsoever. They're soft, but make no mistake, they aren't soft like a bamboo sheet, they're coarser, but maybe 'smooth' is the better word for them. They've been pretty good for heat, as hello perimenopause, and I've woken up previously sweating to death, but these dry very quickly and I don't feel as gross. Really glad for these sheets and will likely buy another set.


Perfect sheets for summer and hot sleepers

The drape of these sheets is intensely perfect. I love how it feels substantive but isn’t hot when you’re sleeping! I was worried the fabric would feel thin. I’ve bought these in several colors and as gifts for several people.

YNM Customer

Super soft sheets with reasonable price 

I have been looking for bamboo bed sheet for quite sometimes because i love how my daughter's clothing feels. All other options I found was quite expensive and usually bamboo fabric is quite high maintenance. A friend recommended this sheet to me. It is soooo soft. So far, i've bought 3 sets for our King, 2 sets for guest bedroom, and 1 twin sheet set for pull out chair we have. I'm in the process of throwing away our old sheets (which i thought was soft at the time). You won't be disappointed.


Great soft cooling sheets!

These are great for hot sleepers. The 400 thread count are a close second to Mulberry silk sheets. The 500 thread count are also cool but as the fabric is woven tighter less air circulates through. I find the 400TC slightly cooler (as far a air circulation) than the 500TC.

As you can see from the photos the texture of the 400TC and the 500TC is different but they are both very soft. You will notice quite a bit of lint in your dryer rafter the first and second wash. I suggest washing these sheets by themselves.

The photos are of the Bamboo Burgundy, Dark Blue, Lavender Purple, Sea Grass, and flamingo. The dark blue did loose some of its rich color after the first wash. Also these were washed with Woolit.

I have one suggestion for the manufacturer and that is to place a top or bottom indicator tag on the fitted sheet.


Fresh and Cool!

My mom love this! She is a hot sleeper, so this is exactly what she needs.


So far great.

I washed these before use. They did not seem to shrink or wrinkle. They are incredibly soft. I sleep hot, but they seem to breathe nicely. So far, after four days, I am very pleased. I hope they are durable. The fitted sheet is generous. It is also elasticized and easily fits my 18 inch mattress with mattress pad. I only wish they would make the top sheet about 4 to 6 inches longer or offer a queen XL size.

Nancy Davis 

Bamboo Sheets

I absolutely love these sheets. They're so soft and comfortable, yet cool for sleeping - and warm when blankets are added. I don't even use my other sheets since I received these - just wash and put back on my bed :-) :-)

Polly K.

Soft, comfortable sheets.

Sheets are really soft and the purple is such a pretty color.

Stacey Lynn Gilbert  

Happy Guest.

I bought two sets of twin sheets for our guest room. My parents loved them and wanted to know where to buy! They said the sheets are super soft and have a cooling effect. The only caveat to a perfect review…they do wrinkle so it’s important to get them out of the dryer promptly and put them back on the mattress while warm to minimize the need to iron them.

Let's get you wrapped up

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