Cooling Weighted Blanket: Made with 100% soft bamboo viscose fabric. Perfect for hot sleepers.

Original Weighted Blanket: Our classic design. Wrapped in 100% soft cotton fabric.

King Size Weighted Blanket: Our classic cotton weighted blanket now available in King Size!

10% off for orders above $99, 20% off for orders above $150.

10% off for orders above $99, 20% off for orders above $150.

Cooling Bamboo Weighted Blankets Reviews

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Cooling Bamboo Weighted Blankets Customer Reviews


Silky soft and a cool night's sleep. 

This weighted blanket is a huge upgrade from my old one! It's thinner, silky soft, and keeps me cool. I'm a hot sleeper, so getting this new weighted blanket makes sleeping so much more comfortable. And the weight is distributed a lot more evenly, it sinks around my body more closely which makes it more comforting. I also bought their bamboo duvet cover for it, and it's great. I wanted to protect it and have a cover I can easily wash since I have a dog.

I've had a weighted blanket for years, but my old one was filled with a lot of stuffing along with the beads, which meant it was thicker and much hotter. I would be sweating like crazy if it was warmer than 65 degrees out. I'm so glad I bought this new blanket!

YNM Customer

It really does work.

I am a 85 year old female. I have had terrible nights where I could not fall asleep. Most nights I only got 4-5 hours which is not good. I took Tylenol pm for awhile. I really did not want to take pills in order to sleep. I started looking on and searching for alternatives for my sleeping problem. I found weighted blankets which I never heard of. I searched and looked at each brand and decided onYnM. I chose the bamboo cool blanket. I purchased the 15# full size which was too heavy for me. I exchanged it for a 12# 42x78:which is perfect. I am now sleeping peacefully and getting 7-7 1/2 hours every night. It’s wonderful.

Shannon S 

Perfect for kids.

The weight distribution is fantastic. My daughter loves how soft the blanket is and says it is cool and doesn’t make her hot.

YNM Customer

One of the best investments I've ever made.  

I've had this blanket & cover for several years now & it's honestly one of the best purchases I've ever made. I originally bought the 60x80 25 lb, since it was the closest one to 10% of my body weight, but it was too heavy. It made my back hurt, particularly on the nights I slept on my side. I returned it after a few nights & bought the 60x80 15 lb. It's a much more manageable weight - in terms of sleeping comfortably & transporting the blanket on/off the bed (it's not like lifting items contained in a box with flat sides). You can always fold the blanket in half if you feel like you need more weight, but I don't like feeling that weighed down. The size is also perfect. I would buy the 60x80 again even if I didn't have a queen size bed. I like that it's full body & wide enough to still cover me if I shift positions. My only complaint is that even the bamboo material is too hot for me in the summer - but I sweat easily & it would cost a small fortune to run the window units enough to be at the temperature I really want. It takes about a week or so for my body to adjust to not having it when it's finally too hot to use towards the end of spring/beginning of summer. You really don't realize how much it helps until you don't have it - which is why I try to bring it on trips. The biggest thing I've noticed is that I move around less when I'm using the blanket, especially my feet.

I would highly recommend investing in a cover along with your blanket. It protects & extends the life of the already costly investment in the actual blanket from spills, stains, & wear/tear from washing. And it saves your back from lifting a wet 15 lb blanket out of the washing machine. Of course, it takes a while to get the blanket inside the cover & securely tied down, but you really need the blanket tied down in the cover so you don't end up with a lopsided blanket. There is one tie in each corner & one in the middle of each side. Knots/bows will come undone without a double knot, but the material is easy to lose. At first, I was concerned that the loops on the blanket would take too much of a beating, but they're still secure & attached to the blanket. My bamboo cover has been washed maybe a dozen times in the several years I've owned it & I haven't had any issues with the zipper malfunctioning or the material breaking down either. Stains come out pretty easy too. I air-dried the first few times; now I tumble dry on low with everything else. I've also used the cover by itself as a thin blanket when the weather gets too hot because it's so soft.

  Class of 88 

Good for adults too!

 Joe Johnson

Well worth the money!  

It works amazing! My girlfriend has PTSD and it's one of the best sleeps shes had in a year! Highly recommend it for anyone with any of the problems they listed, right from anxiety to depression to insomnia. It's worth the money, only thing I suggest is that if your have a more severe case of any of the things I mentioned then get a heavier blanket. Got a 15lbs for the 130lbs girlfriend she wants a 25lbs now.


Amazing. Absolutely amazing. 

I was a doubter, but I was also desperate to get a decent night’s sleep. (I deal with severe chronic pain and insomnia.)
The first thing out of the package I inserted the heavy blanket inside a cover. It was way easier than I expected. It was delighted with the material: the bamboo is silky and feels cool. But the big surprise was when I crawled into bed a good three hours before I usually manage to fall asleep. The next morning I realized I had gone to sleep within minutes - and slept straight through to morning.
The first full night’s sleep - with NO sleep medication - in 15 years.

 Kit Cat 

I Love it. My Husband Loves It. Most Importantly our cat loves it!  

I’m a lifelong insomniac, my husband uses a CPAP & has restless legs. He was curious about these weighted blankets, so I initially bought two from another company (which was more expensive.) We pretty much liked it, but our cat hated them. She kept sniffing it and clawing it as though it was filled with something that smelled and felt offensive to her. Also, the competitors was lumpy. I returned the competitors and researched it. It turns out that weighted blankets are either filled with glass fill — finer, denser, and requires less fill for the same weight, effectively a sand type feeling beneath the material — or polly-pellets, which feel like little pebbles under the material. In addition, polly-pellet fill is often recycled. (I’m all for recycling, but my cat isn’t apparently.) I bought this blanket hoping our cat would approve; she approves. In addition to the better feeling glass-fill, the material covering the fill is made of bamboo resulting in a cooler, luxurious, super-soft texture. We ordered another one. Even if you don’t have a finicky cat, this is a much better looking and feeling blanket. The key deciding features are the glass fill and the bamboo material. (I’m not sure if YnM makes other versions, so verify if that’s what your after, too.) The only problem is that we’re really going to miss our blankets if we overnight somewhere else. Thank you to the designer and manufacturer of the YnM Cooling Weighted Blanket.



This product is amazing. It is everything I ever wanted in a weighted blanket. It’s super soft and comfortable, it is the perfect weight, and is good quality. I was having a panic attack the other day and my husband suggested I use the blanket, it completely calmed me down. While sleeping it does take some getting used to, but I never expected it would stop me from tossing and turning.

YNM Customer  

Thin and cool but still heavy.

I love this blanket. I have a thicker fuzzier weighted blanket that gets way to hot for me with night sweats going on. This one is nicely heavy but also cool. Thinner and less bulky. The fabric is luxurious feeling and well made. The pellets shift a little in their pockets but plenty of division to keep the weight distributed evenly. Best nights sleep ever!!

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