Choosing Your Blanket Weight

Weighted Blankets should be approximately 10% of your body weight. Choose the following:

15 lbs blanket if you weigh 120 lbs+

20 lbs blanket if you weigh 190 lbs+

25 lbs blanket if you weigh 240 lbs+

Blanket Available Sizes

Choose a blanket size that matches your bed size. For king size beds, check out our couples blankets.

Choosing Your Blanket Weight

Weighted Blankets should be approximately 10% of your body weight. Choose the following:

20 lbs blanket if the lightest person in the couple weighs 120 lbs+

25 lbs blanket if the lightest person in the couple weighs 190 lbs+

30 lbs blanket if the lightest person in the couple weighs 240 lbs+

Blanket Available Sizes

Our King Size Weighted Blanket comes in size 80" x 87" which is perfect for King and Queen sized beds.

Weight Information

Our Kids Weighted Blanket weighs 7 lbs and is suitable for children that weigh 50 lbs+. Ensure your child can remove the blanket unassisted.

Blanket Available Sizes

Our Kids Size Weighted Blanket comes in size 41" x 60" which is perfectly sized to fit children's beds.


Cooling Weighted Blanket: Made with 100% soft bamboo viscose fabric. Perfect for hot sleepers.

Original Weighted Blanket: Our classic design. Wrapped in 100% soft cotton fabric.

King Size Weighted Blanket: Our classic cotton weighted blanket now available in King Size!

Get a better night's sleep in a natural way.

Get a better night's sleep in a natural way.

Cooling Weighted Blanket Bundle Reviews

Press Reviews

Cooling Weighted Blanket Customer Reviews

YNM Customer

The most amazing weighted blanket ever!!

I am a long time insomniac, I have tried every OTC, prescription, tea, herb and therapy with no luck. I tired the cotton version along with the bamboo. The cotton is cozy but a bit warm if you plan to use covers. The bamboo is a bit cool at first but warms up really well but doesn't get hot. I tried a few other weighted blankets in the $200 range but the beads shifted and they weren't nearly as cozy as this one. I plan to buy these as gifts this year.

YNM Customer

Thin and cool but still heavy

I love this blanket. I have a thicker fuzzier weighted blanket that gets way to hot for me with night sweats going on. This one is nicely heavy but also cool. Thinner and less bulky. The fabric is luxurious feeling and well made. The pellets shift a little in their pockets but plenty of division to keep the weight distributed evenly. Best nights sleep ever!!



This product is amazing. It is everything I ever wanted in a weighted blanket. It’s super soft and comfortable, it is the perfect weight, and is good quality. I was having a panic attack the other day and my husband suggested I use the blanket, it completely calmed me down. While sleeping it does take some getting used to, but I never expected it would stop me from tossing and turning.

Meghan C

Cooling and comfortable

I have been wanting to try an weighted blanket for a while, but was concerned about getting too warm because I tend to be a hot sleeper. Seeing that this one was cooling I thought it was worth trying and I love it! I've been sleeping with it since I got it, with the exception of one night when it was in the washing machine due to an elderly cat bladder accident. It washed very well and dried perfectly on the low setting! Thank you!


Amazing. Absolutely amazing.

I was a doubter, but I was also desperate to get a decent night’s sleep. (I deal with severe chronic pain and insomnia.) The first thing out of the package I inserted the heavy blanket inside a cover. It was way easier than I expected. It was delighted with the material: the bamboo is silky and feels cool. But the big surprise was when I crawled into bed a good three hours before I usually manage to fall asleep. The next morning I realized I had gone to sleep within minutes - and slept straight through to morning. The first full night’s sleep - with NO sleep medication - in 15 years. I highly recommend this product, and I suggest getting the cover - you wouldn’t want to have to try to figure out how to clean the actual blanket!

YNM Customer

Love, Love, Love!!!

For someone who has added extra weight via a heavy robe, I am so glad I found this blanket! It is perfect and I can honestly say, I go to sleep much quicker now. It’s amazing! I fully recommend this for anyone needing to sleep with extra weight and it does not add extra heat! Couldn’t be more pleased!

Marie C.

he suffers from anxiety and hinted that he would like to try it

Bought this as a Father's Day gift for the hubs as he suffers from anxiety and hinted that he would like to try it. Instant LOOOOVE! Great feel: the material is cool and "light". (Follow the chart to choose the right weight for the user.) The gift was for my husband but my kids ALL want one of their own. OY! I guess I know what to get them all for their birthdays. LOL

Kay S

Love it!

I have struggled with insomnia for about 15 years and tried literally everything. I decided to try a weighted blanket and after much research decided on this one. I wanted a twin size that only covered me and I wanted it to not be hot. I ordered the 15 lb. The first hour under the blanket was a little strange...then I fell asleep and slept through the night! I've been sleeping well and had to add a light blanket back (I took all blankets off) because it really does keep me cool!

Caitlin Yount

Bought for my poorly sleeping husband - changed his life!

My husband has "brain won't shut off" syndrome at night, and tosses and turns a lot. He's dealt with this most of his adult life. He struggles to fall asleep and sometimes ends up with bad anxiety since his brain runs in circles. Well, not anymore! This weighted blanket has changed the way he sleeps. He's able to fall asleep much faster and doesn't have nearly as bad anxiety at night. I've gotten under it a couple times and it's like being wrapped in a hug. We keep our house pretty cool at night, and this doesn't add too much in the way of heat (he says), but he also sleeps cooler than I do. He has it under our normal comforter on our bed and stays warm but not uncomfortable. If you're thinking about trying this to help with sleep issues, I definitely would recommend it, especially if you have a spouse who's the "I'll just tough it out" type ;)


Very cooling

I waited for a couple weeks to review this blanket. I have the twin size 15 lb weighted blanket. I was skeptical in reading reviews describing this kind vs. the various other weighted blankets, however am pleasantly surprised that the Business Insider reviews pertaining to this "cooling" blanket are true. I am a hot sleeper and have not been hot at all while using this blanket. It is comfortable and when I need another one, I will repeat purchase. The glass beads aren't overpowering in their pockets. My dog loves the feeling of the bamboo viscose material. I have enjoyed this purchase!

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