Cooling Weighted Blanket: Made with 100% soft bamboo viscose fabric. Perfect for hot sleepers.

Original Weighted Blanket: Our classic design. Wrapped in 100% soft cotton fabric.

King Size Weighted Blanket: Our classic cotton weighted blanket now available in King Size!

10% off for orders above $99, 20% off for orders above $150.

10% off for orders above $99, 20% off for orders above $150.

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Madison Schultz

True cool

Actually is cooling and makes my blanket feel lighter while still applying that pressure I need. I also have a minky cover for winter time and the difference from cozy to cool is incredible. Worth the extra $ to go bamboo over cotton. Soft, airy, almost silky


Great buy!

It arrived quickly and well-packaged. It has 5 points of contact on the inside to attach the weighted blanket and once those are tied, you zip it up and the weighted blanket has an extra layer of protection. So far it’s been great over my weighted blanket. It’s very comfortable and soft. I am very satisfied with it overall.

Lois Lane

The YnM Bamboo Duvet Cover and Weighted Blanket has definitely improved my sleeping!

I like the YnM Bamboo Duvet Cover and Weighted Blanket very much! I bought it to improve my sleeping and it definitely has. I would certainly recommend this product. Be sure to buy the YnM Bamboo Duvet Cover that accompanies the YnM Weighted Blanket. It has special ties so that the blanket does not slip around. It would be very difficult to use the weighted blanket with just an ordinary duvet cover. It would bunch up.


Better than expected

Bought the cotton duvet cover for my son's weighted blanket that he received for Chirstmas. His blanket was not the same brand but this one fit perfectly. The ties used to attach to the blanket are very sturdy. His blanket did not have anyplace to tie but I was able to sew some loops to match the locations of the ties and works great. This cover has 8 tie down spots so really attaches well. As for putting on blanket, just turn cover inside out, lay blanket on-top, tie the blanket and then turn right side out again...very easy. I also washed and dried on the lowest heat setting, did not shrink at all and cover is very soft cotton. Very happy with purchase.

LBZ mom

Well made with a nice cover.

Wow. How did I ever sleep without it? It is large so i double it up and have never slept better. It has been warm lately so i am not able to enjoy as much as i want. The cover is very soft. The blanket is segmented so the weights do not shift very far.


I can finally use my weighted blanket again!

I LOVE this cover! I got a weighted blanket for Christmas last year and haven't used it in a while because I just get so hot under it (I'm naturally pretty hot natured). With this, I can finally use it again and I don't get hot now! Plus it is so soft and silky, I'm in love. It was kind of difficult to put on at first (I had never put a duvet cover on) but I got the hang of it and tbh its so worth it to easilly keep my weighted blanket clean. Absolutely would buy again.

Susan Stein


I received the weighted blanket as a Mother's Day gift and loved it from the first night. It is heavy and washing may be a problem in my apartment-house machine, so I wanted to protect it with a duvet cover. This duvet cover fits the blanket perfectly and has ties that go around to secure it to the blanket (the blanket has loops and the ties match those areas). The cover is soft and comfortable. I am so pleased with the purchase.


Better made than many other companies!

I wanted to purchase a cover to protect my blanket. This was feels great and it is well constructed. This blanket was far superior to the first blanket I purchased. I tried another well know brand first and ended up returning it because the "beads" shifted too easily within the sewn squares. The glass beads in this blanket do move, but not much compared to other brands. This blanket is very well sewn with a nice quality fabric. I highly recommend this company.

Kelley Rosenbaum

Great quality fabric!

In looooove with my YnM weighted blanket and duvet cover. Super nice fabric on the duvet, Very soft and doesn't make me super hot at night. Weighted blanket stays firmly in place with 6 ties. Cute reversible pattern. Great quality and overall fantastic customer service. Will purchase again from YnM. Go ahead and make the move to a weighted blanket, you won't regret it.

YNM Customer

Great duvet cover for the weighted blanket

I like that the duvet cover is not as hot as I thought it would be. I am a hot sleeper and need the fan pointed at me at all times of the year. I have been relatively comfortable with the blanket+fan in 70-high 80 degree weather with high humidity rates. If I do get hot, I usually just slide 1 leg out of the blanket and I feel cool enough while still getting the weight of the blanket on the rest of me. I also like that it has the loops to tie the blanket securely in place. There is a long zipper going the length of the duvet cover. Once that unzips, there are 3 (I think) loops on the right and left sides for a total of 6 ( I think) loops to tie to.

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