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5 Ways a Weighted Blanket Can Help Your Child Sleep Better

Feb 13, 2023

Good quality sleep for children is about being able to fall asleep easily, staying asleep, and waking up in the morning feeling well rested. However, just like adults, this can prove difficult and is not helped by all the stimuli in our lives. This article will look into how to help a child sleep better by taking advantage of a sleeping aid.

How To Help A Child Sleep Better

If you have been wondering how I can help my child sleep better, you might come across various solutions regarding their eating habits and hobbies, which is entirely true. You can promote better sleeping habits by reducing sugar and caffeine intake, reducing blue light intake (from TV, phones, etc.) or creating better sleeping environments with the use of better lighting.

These are all good, but they depend entirely on your child. Your results may vary, and there is no saying whether they will work consistently. With a Weighted Blanket, however, you have a scientific way of helping your child sleep better as they are designed to be sleeping aid.

Young Girl Asleep Under YNM Weighted BlanketWhat is a Weighted Blanket?

A Weighted Blanket combines the sleeping experience of several blankets stacked on top of each other, but in one slim design. As it rests across your body, the weight helps us feel calm as it melts away the tensions in our body and our mind. It works by simulating the experience of a hug — scientifically proven method of calming our body as it triggers the release of feel-good chemicals. In essence, sleeping with a Weighted Blanket is just like being hugged all night long!

We pack dozens of pockets with our bead technology to give the blankets their unique weight. Adaptable to the shape of your body and with great breathability, a Weighted Blanket is a perfect way to help children fall asleep faster and for longer.

5 Ways A Weighted Blanket Can Help Your Child Sleep Better

  1. Helps relax their mind. As the blanket simulated the feeling of a hug, it actively helps slow the mind and gets them in a better state for bedtime. Especially after a day packed full of stimulation and the various highs and lows, a Weighted Blanket can help child get better sleep by finding a balanced level in the moments before lights out.
  2. Can help them fall asleep faster. Because of being in a calmer state of mind before bed, when they’re tucked up and ready to sleep, they can fall asleep faster! Less time looking for other sources of stimulation, bathroom breaks, or feeling restless.
  3. Wake up less in the night. One of the main solutions sought after when researching how to help a child sleep better is figuring out a way to help them stay asleep in the night. A Weighted Blanket hugs the child all night, constantly soothing them and helping their body relax. Many of our millions of customers let us know that this is the main benefit they experience the most with our Weighted Blankets. Talk about natural ways to help your child sleep better.
  4. Better energy levels in the morning. After a good night’s sleep, your child will wake up with more energy, feeling well rested, and ready to take on the day ahead. A lot of parents report back to us about how their children have better concentration levels, focus more in class, are less irritable, and are all round the better versions of themselves!
  5. Makes bedtime exciting. After a while, sleeping with the Weighted Blanket will just be part of their routine. And when we’re sleeping well, we’re more excited to get to sleep and go again the next day! Finally, you can stop wondering how can I help my child sleep better, and worry about how you can get them to sleep less!

We also have a range of covers available. You can customize the design to suit their personal preferences and personality, or change the texture to whichever fabric type they prefer or to combat certain sleeping conditions (our cooling Weighted Blanket is perfect for children who sleep hot at night). And if they don’t absolutely love their new Weighted Blanket, then you can return it to us within 30-days of purchase! Sometimes the Weighted Blanket experience might take a week or more to adapt too, as it’s often a new way of sleeping that our bodies aren’t used too.

Other popular questions, such as how to help autistic child sleep better, or how to help a child with adhd sleep better, can also be aided by Weighted Blankets. Here are two reviews by parents who have children with these conditions talking about the changes they noticed:

“I bought this for my 8 year-old nephew who is on the spectrum and has ADHD, and I cannot overstate how much he loves it. He slept through the night (is still sleeping through the night) with it without waking up and even slept in, which is HUGE for him. His siblings were so jealous that my brother ended up getting them their own. HIGHLY recommend. I have a friend who is a psychologist who recommended these, I had been skeptical, but not anymore.” - Sarah
“I’m in shock. Every school day morning for the past 3 years has been a battle. Crying, fighting, yelling, “I hate school!”, “I don’t want to!”, refusals to even put on clothes. Then when finally out of bed, acting as if he’s never seen socks in his life. All gone. He finally got a good nights rest!Normally my son tosses and turns, wakes up repeatedly, and complains of nightmares/vivid dreams. Suddenly at 7 years old, he had started climbing in our bed every night because he couldn’t sleep and needed us. At my wits end I ordered this blanket, overnight delivery. - Heather

"This morning was amazing. Not only did he sleep all night (he woke up once because he kicked off the blanket), but he woke up in the best mood I’ve ever seen. Dressed himself, even managed to button his pants for the first time ever without my help! I couldn’t believe it. Brushed his teeth with no complaints, found his own shoes, and was out the door. All the things I knew he could do but has simply been too exhausted to do, done. I’m so happy I could cry!If your child has ADHD or Autism and you’re wondering if this is worth the try, let me tell you, it is. It so very much is. Seeing them happy and functioning in the morning because they FINALLY got a good nights sleep is worth every penny.” - Jess