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Weighted Blanket Duvet Covers

Cooling Weighted Blanket Duvet Cover

All-Natural Bamboo Viscose
From $49.90

Cotton Weighted Blanket Duvet Cover

Soft and Gentle 100% Cotton
From $35.00

Dual-Sided Weighted Blanket Duvet Cover

Reversible Hot and Cold
From $59.90

Soft Weighted Blanket Duvet Cover

Ultra Cozy Softness
From $49.00

French-Linen Weighted Blanket Duvet Cover

Hypoallergenic Breathable Linen
From $45.90

Cotton-Polyester Weighted Blanket Duvet Cover

Blended for Durability
From $39.90

Cotton-Linen Weighted Blanket Duvet Cover

Blended Soft Breathability
From $39.90

Whatever you can dream, you can do

Getting enough rest increases cognition, restores our energy, and encourages productivity and emotional well-being. Explore our weighted blanket lines and improve your sleep.

Knitted Line

Hand-knit for even weight distribution and breathability.

Cooling Line

Natural bamboo viscose for a silky smooth, cooling sensation.

Original Line

The Original 7-Layer design with over one million happy customers.

Why use a weighted blanket duvet cover?

Washing a weighted blanket every so often will ruin its quality, so it helps if you can get a cover. The right duvet cover for a weighted blanket not only looks good but works for you as well. At YNM, we understand how vital it is to preserve the quality of your weighted blanket and have some of the best weighted blanket duvets covers on the market. Not only do they look good, but they also offer a functional role as well. We have different duvet covers in the market, and they all have their perk.

You need to remember when buying a weighted blanket duvet cover to get one that fits your blanket. Always ensure you get the size right since it will determine how easy it is to use the cover. It also ensures your blanket does not fold up in the cover, making flattening it on the bed easy. Where in doubt, consult on the sizes of the different duvet covers before you choose.

The right duvet cover will change how you use your weighted blanket. You do not have to worry about getting your blanket dirty or how many times you need to clean it up. The weighted blanket duvet covers can always be thrown in the wash more times than your blanket. With these, you space out the number of times you wash your blanket and can preserve the quality of the material.

Another perk of these covers is changing them to suit your current style, which is a great feature if you want to switch around your room décor. That way, you get to use the duvet cover all year round. Reach out to us today, and let us help transform your weighted blanket.