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Queen Size Weighted Blanket

Exclusive Bamboo Weighted Blanket

All-Natural Bamboo Viscose
From $84.99

Exclusive Dual-Sided Weighted Blanket

Ready For Anything
From $99.99

Exclusive Polyester Weighted Blanket

From $49.90

Exclusive Cotton Weighted Blanket

Soothing 100% Cotton
From $69.90

Original Knitted Weighted Blanket

Tightly-Knit Recycled Natural Yarn
From $129.00

Tie Dye Knitted Weighted Blanket

Eco-Friendly Ultra Soft Modal
From $145.00

Cooling Knitted Weighted Blanket

Thermoregulating Nylon Yarn
From $155.00

Chenille Knitted Weighted Blanket

Soft, Luxe Chenille Yarn
From $159.00

Velvet Knitted Weighted Blanket

Luxurious Velvet Yarn
From $159.99

Cotton Knitted Weighted Blanket

Soothing 100% Cotton
From $159.00

Whatever you can dream, you can do

Getting enough rest increases cognition, restores our energy, and encourages productivity and emotional well-being. Explore our weighted blanket lines and improve your sleep.

Knitted Line

Hand-knit for even weight distribution and breathability.

Cooling Line

Natural bamboo viscose for a silky smooth, cooling sensation.

Original Line

The Original 7-Layer design with over one million happy customers.

Getting the right queen size weighted blanket will ensure that it fits your bed without looking too small. The best thing about our queen-sized blankets is they look just as good as the other blankets in our collection with the difference being in size only. You can select a light weight blanket with the cooling function for a queen size bed. We also have duvet covers which make keeping them clean easier for you.

One of the things many people have a problem with when it comes to getting their blanket is how to look after them. You can throw them in a wash as often as you need. In case you want to wash your blanket ensure you use the gentle setting on both your wash cycle as well as when you tumble it. Always ensure you use a gentle detergent and avoid using any bleach on your blanket.

YNM has been in the business of making quality blankets for a while now. We have done our research on what client’s needs are and how we can best meet them. For this reason, you can rest assured that whatever blankets you order from us are of impeccable quality. We also have a team of trained professionals who understand how vital it is for you to get exactly what you are looking for.

As such, they will guide you on the type of blanket to get as well as the colors that will match your aesthetic best. If you are stuck on what will work for you, contact us today and let us transform your bedroom for you.