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30 Lb Weighted Blankets

Exclusive Bamboo Weighted Blanket

All-Natural Bamboo Viscose
From $84.99

Exclusive Cotton Weighted Blanket

Soothing 100% Cotton
From $69.90

Exclusive Dual-Sided Weighted Blanket

Ready For Anything
From $99.99

Whatever you can dream, you can do

Getting enough rest increases cognition, restores our energy, and encourages productivity and emotional well-being. Explore our weighted blanket lines and improve your sleep.

Knitted Line

Hand-knit for even weight distribution and breathability.

Cooling Line

Natural bamboo viscose for a silky smooth, cooling sensation.

Original Line

The Original 7-Layer design with over one million happy customers.

This is one of our heaviest weighted blankets. Usually used for couples. As such, you must ensure you can use it without worrying about your comfort. YNM has a couple of 30lb weighted blankets in the market, and they all have received great reviews in the past. Here is what you need to know about them and whether they will work for you.

Most blanket weights for adults range between 12 to 20 pounds. While these provide enough weight to give you a hugging feeling, they can be too much, especially if you have health issues. Talking to your doctor before getting the heavy blanket would be a great way to know if the blanket you plan to get will be good for your health. The good thing with a 30lb blanket is the weight is evenly distributed, so you can worry less about any injuries that might occur.

One thing we are keen on as YNM is always providing quality. We understand how vital quality is and have ensured that no matter your needs, we will meet them. These features have made all our blankets stand out and get amazing reviews. You can check us out and see what our former clients say about the quality of service they get from these blankets.

The right weighted blanket feels like a comforting hug and will help you fall asleep easier. At YNM, we believe in comfort and have the best-weighted blankets on the market.