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King Size Weighted Blanket

Exclusive Bamboo Weighted Blanket

All-Natural Bamboo Viscose
From $84.99

Exclusive Dual-Sided Weighted Blanket

Ready For Anything
From $99.99

Exclusive Cotton Weighted Blanket

Soothing 100% Cotton
From $69.90

Original Knitted Weighted Blanket

Tightly-Knit Recycled Natural Yarn
From $155.00

Tie Dye Knitted Weighted Blanket

Eco-Friendly Ultra Soft Modal
From $145.00

Chenille Knitted Weighted Blanket

Soft, Luxe Chenille Yarn
From $159.00

Velvet Knitted Weighted Blanket

Luxurious Velvet Yarn
From $159.99

Cotton Knitted Weighted Blanket

Soothing 100% Cotton
From $159.00

Whatever you can dream, you can do

Getting enough rest increases cognition, restores our energy, and encourages productivity and emotional well-being. Explore our weighted blanket lines and improve your sleep.

Knitted Line

Hand-knit for even weight distribution and breathability.

Cooling Line

Natural bamboo viscose for a silky smooth, cooling sensation.

Original Line

The Original 7-Layer design with over one million happy customers.

When it comes to a king-sized bed, you need to ensure that you get an evenly weighted king size blanket. Many people mess this up and end up with a blanket that is heavy on one end or has too much filling in it. At YNM, we have done research on weighted blankets and ensure that no matter how big the blanket is, you will get even weight distribution.

We recommend getting a duvet cover for your blanket so you reduce on the number of times you wash it. You can get these in different colors as well which comes in handy when you want to switch up your color themes. Use a gentle cycle wash and tumble dry on the gentlest setting. Our best blankets can also be line dried to avoid damage caused by the tumbler. Avoid bleach use and only wash with the mildest soaps.

The right king-sized weighted blanket will revolutionize your sleeping. It not only looks good but is perfect for insomniacs who need a bit more pressure on them to fall asleep. Check out our catalog and see which of our blankets will best suit your needs. We have them in different colorful designs and also offer you duvet covers in different colors and designs, including light weight cool weighted blankets.