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Cotton Duvet Covers | YNM

  • Product: Cotton Weighted Blanket Duvet Cover | Swatch: Charcoal
  • Product: Cotton Weighted Blanket Duvet Cover | Swatch: Midnight Blue
  • Product: Cotton Weighted Blanket Duvet Cover | Swatch: Penguin
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Cotton Weighted Blanket Duvet Cover

Soft and Gentle 100% Cotton
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Whatever you can dream, you can do

Getting enough rest increases cognition, restores our energy, and encourages productivity and emotional well-being. Explore our weighted blanket lines and improve your sleep.

Knitted Line

Hand-knit for even weight distribution and breathability.

Cooling Line

Natural bamboo viscose for a silky smooth, cooling sensation.

Original Line

The Original 7-Layer design with over one million happy customers.

Our duvet covers feature securely stitched inside ties that keep your weighted blanket like a dog on a leash, taut and in place. We constructed this type of design for there to be consistency in weight and generally for us to achieve the best therapy from the blanket. Higher breathability provided by cotton fabric’s commonness is beneficial in the aspect that the air circulates allowing free and well regulation of temperature while sleeping.

The concealed zipper closures enable you to easily get it on and off in addition to enhancing the overall aesthetics of the piece. So, the sweater is not only an essential but also a fashionable thing.

Indulge yourself in our Cotton Care Duvet Covers with a cotton grade that are crafted with exquisite artistry. We are ensuring the reliability of using 100% TEXTRA SOFT CERTIFIED Cotton and this presents you not only the softest touch and the most comfortable feel but also the highest quality standard and sustainability that is absolutely less harmful. Let the comfortability and breathability of this premium fabric soothe your senses and support a healthy sleep.

Bid goodbye to all the disturbances of every now and then maintenance; hence more energy and time is saved with our cotton weighted blanket duvet covers. Their advantage of them being machine washable guarantees you an effortless and time saving washing. Wash the clothes by hand and machine dry them for practical convenience and use a soft detergent because cotton is soft by nature while picking a detergent that would not harm the cotton surface texture is very essential. Reduce your bedding routine to a minimum while keeping comfort and durability of your duvet intact.