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Are Weighted Blankets Bad for Blood Circulation?

Feb 18, 2024

Also known as gravity blankets, weighted blankets have become quite popular, promising a broad scope of benefits from reduced anxiety and better sleep. So, if you are having trouble sleeping, especially if you have issues linked to insomnia and anxiety, a weighted blanket may be of great help to you.

Nonetheless, since they are quite heavy, numerous individuals can’t help but be concerned about bad blood circulation. So, are weighted blankets bad for blood circulation? Let’s find out!


Are Weighted Blankets Bad for Blood Circulation?

This will mostly depend on the person utilizing the blanket. For instance, patients with blood circulation issues and problems linked to diabetes can have poor circulation when they use weighted blankets. This is mostly because they have pre-existing blood circulation problems and using these blankets can make them worse.

Moreover, experts advise against using weighted blankets for toddlers. This is because toddlers’ bodies can’t endure the extra pressure, which could result in blood circulation issues when using them.

Therefore, if your child suffers from diseases like epilepsy, heart problems, blood circulation and breathing problems, you should stop utilizing your weighted blanket on them. On the other hand, individuals who don’t have respiratory, breathing or heart problems don’t have such issues.

Generally, weighted blankets are built to add small amounts of pressure on your body. If they don’t add pressure, it defeats their purpose for being created. The pressure can help patients with insomnia have better sleep and offer psychological issues. Even though it’s a fact that weighted blankets may limit blood circulation, your body can handle the pressure if you don’t suffer from any pre-existing diseases.


But What is a Weighted Blanket?

A weighted blanket has incredible filling, which ensures it offers extra weight that makes you feel like you’re getting a gentle hug.

Since the blankets comprise weighted filling, there is extra light pressure you won’t get from your typical blanket. It is usually described as harboring a grounding effect on your body that results in feeling relaxed.

Nevertheless, like all common blankets, weighted blankets come in a wide range of fabrics and color patterns, so you will definitely find something that fits your preferences.

What do weighted blankets comprise? Oftentimes, manufacturers use materials such as plastic pellets, or glass beads as the filling materials. Besides, these blankets can weigh anywhere between 4 to 30 pounds. The right weight will depend on the user’s weight.

Weighted blankets were previously used in professional settings only, but now they can be used at home. Using these blankets for adults with insomnia and anxiety has become quite common.

a lady is sleeping with a YNM cooling bamboo weighted blanket before her laptop


Advantages of Using Weighted Blankets

Regardless of the safety concerns people might have, weighted concerns can deliver incredible benefits including:


Boosting Sleep Quality

Weighted blankets offer security and comfort, precisely for people with specific conditions like autism spectrum disorder, anxiety disorder

Among the many advantages of these blankets is how the quality of sleep will improve. The added pressure that comes with weighted blankets triggers the emission of mood-improving hormones and lessens anxiety and stress, boosting relaxation and helping in sleeping.

Reduced Anxiety

Another benefit of using weighted blankets is that they reduce anxiety. The moderate pressure applied using this blanket triggers your sense of touch and aids your brain to adjust accordingly, possibly resulting in relaxation. This also helps you have more control over your anxiety.


In Conclusion

So, are weighted blankets bad for blood circulation? It depends. For patients with preexisting conditions like heart or respiratory diseases, a weighted blanket can affect blood circulation. On the other hand, if you don’t have any of these conditions, then you will benefit from using a weighted blanket.

Weighted blankets come with a handful of benefits as pointed out. However, you should consult an expert if you have any issues after using a weighted blanket. This will help you better understand whether it is the blanket that caused bad blood circulation, or there’s something else.

When used correctly weighted blankets can be incredibly useful. You can deal with frustrating issues like depression, anxiety and insomnia which affect you daily.

Therefore, if you do suffer from any pre-existing diseases, you should consider investing in a weighted blanket. It can reduce the symptoms of depression and anxiety and allow you to sleep peacefully and comfortably.