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Are Weighted Blankets Good for Hot Sleepers?

Aug 16, 2023

In many cases, hot sleepers find it uncomfortable to sleep under a weighted blanket when it is too hot. Instead, they might prefer to select one that offers a cooling effect.

However, being a hot sleeper doesn’t mean you should miss out on this weighted blanket craze. Numerous weighted blankets are available that will make them as cool as a cucumber and provide the same therapeutic advantages as conventional choices.

Note that many weighted blankets have glass beads that manufacturers often stitch into the pockets inside the blanket to provide an even weight distribution. To understand more about weighted blankets, continue reading.


When Sleeping, Are Weighted Blankets Hot?

In a nutshell, yes! Five or Seven layers of construction make a regular weighted blanket hotter than normal blanket. But anybody can utilize the weighted blanket. As previously indicated, permeable weighted blankets have cooling fabrics that work best for overheated sleepers. For use in the summer, select a blanket with cooling fabric or a knitted weighted blanket, especially the knitted blanket; they are much more breathable than glass beads.


With this in mind, even though you feel hot at night, you can still reap the advantages of weighted blankets. They might assist you to sleep greater than you would with none; you can enjoy the weighted blanket's benefit to cure sleep disorders such as insomnia even on warm days.


The filler or the fabric of the blanket shows if or not it absorbs a lot of heat. Despite heavy weighted blankets, they aren't hotter than standard blankets.

Unlike power-heated blankets, weighted blankets lack heating settings or any other method to produce heat. So you must select the weighted blanket that balances the body heat and keeps you comfy.

Most weighted blankets in the marketplace employ hotter fabrics and poor-quality materials that hot sleepers must avoid.  Let's examine how to tell which fabrics promote restful sleep and which promote excessive heat.


Best Weighted Blanket Materials for Hot Sleepers

Get naturally breathable and moisture-wicking materials like bamboo, cotton and modal. (Bonus: Every one of those materials is super-soft.) They're known for breathability and comfort, which can assist the body to regulate the temperature as you sleep.

Those moisture-wicking capabilities of the materials keep you comfortable and cool by drawing the sweat off the skin. Purchase a cooling weighted blanket as you shop. The blankets are made with high-quality fillers and fabrics that trap less heat and maintain a consistent body temperature.

Also, you can add an external warm soft cover for your cooling weighted blanket once you must stay warm on a cold fall night. The most fabulous cooling-weighted blankets nevertheless support a significant enough portion of your body weight to help you fall asleep soundly and deeply.


How to Keep Cool When Sleeping?

Are weighted blankets warm? It is a question people frequently ask. They'll add an extra layer on top of the duvet; therefore, we suggest taking additional precautions to ensure you stay cool as you sleep. You can do this to offset the weighted blanket's warming impacts so you can sleep peacefully and comfortably.

If your bedroom has air conditioning, bring it down to a lower setting than usual to consider the blanket's added warmth. The ideal temperature for sleeping is 20 degrees Celsius, per a study. If you lack the luxury of air conditioning, think about buying a fan to increase the cooling airflow.

Examining your bedding and mattress is the next step because some are hotter. Memory foam mattresses, for instance, tend to retain heat longer than pocket-sprung mattresses. If you have a memory foam mattress and tend to sleep hot, you may gain from changing to a more breathable kind.

The same applies to your bed linens— some synthetic textiles aren't breathable and might cause night sweats. At the same time, bamboo sheets are significantly better at controlling temperature and are better at wicking moisture away.

Check out the top selection of weighted blankets that offer the best advantages for hot sleepers. Consider their material if you wear pajamas to bed. Like your sheets, certain textiles might make you more desirable and contribute to restless nights.



Overall, a weighted blanket's pressure creates a peaceful, soothing environment that encourages sleep, assisting the worried person in getting the required rest. Imagine sleeping through the night without any trouble for the first time in a long period.

Feel the security necessary to have a good night's sleep when curled up in your fresh weighted blanket as you did as a youngster. Whether you are a hot sleeper or not, choose the right  weighted treatment blanket can help you fall asleep quickly and keep your sleep sound.