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Top 9 Benefits Of Weighted Blankets

Jan 30, 2023

A Weighted Blanket can help people combat stress, anxiety, insomnia, and other conditions which disrupt your sleep. They affect sleepers differently, so experiences will vary. In this blog, we will talk about the top Weighted Blanket benefits for Adults and Kids.

We first must begin by understanding how they work—which is by simulating the experience of a hug! Contact from another person releases chemicals in the brain, soothes and helps us relax. This form of comfort is important for humans of all ages. For babies who seek their Mother's arms when they feel upset and need a hug or even comfort themselves when they feel vulnerable.

Which is to say that to our brains, there doesn’t feel like a huge difference between a hug and a blanket! If you want to learn more about how they work, check out our complete guide.

What Are The Benefits of a Weighted Blanket?

To understand what are the benefits of a Weighted Blanket, we need to look at how this form of comfort impacts various conditions and mental states. These further vary depending on age range so we will look at Weighted Blanket for kids benefits later in the article!

1. Can help you fall asleep faster

For many people, this is the best of all Weighted Blanket benefits. The constant weight spread across your body as you sleep provides consistent deep touch stimulation. Two of the biggest disruptors of sleep are anxiety and insomnia. We already covered the benefits of using a Weighted Blanket to help with these conditions in a previous article where we looked at user reviews about how it helped them sleep faster. Give it a read if this is something that affects you!

2. Can calm you down

Before heading to bed for the evening, we might have a lot of built-up aches and tension in our minds and body. Getting wrapped up in a weighted blanket can help take the edge off as it triggers a chemical release from your brain. Allowing you to have a clearer head and consequently lower your heart rate. Giving you a chance to slow down and catch your breath.

3. Can give you better levels of concentration

One of the benefits of sleeping with a Weighted Blanket should lead to you sleeping for longer hours and getting the complete rest you need. Used consistently, the better sleeping conditions should help you feel more like your usual self and with no side effects of sleep fatigue!

Weighted Blanket Benefits for Adults

That covers the general sleep benefits, but what about Weighted Blanket benefits for adults specifically? As adults, we are prone to greater deals of strain (mentally and physically) which poses unique challenges in getting to sleep at night.
Based on our thousands of user reviews, we have picked out our communities favorite Weighted Blanket benefits across the most problematic areas.

4. Can reduce your stress levels

As we covered in a previous blog, the dangers of high stress levels can seriously impact the quality of our health—especially long term. One potential Weighted Blanket health benefit people can experience is reduced stress levels. Being able to relax easier can consequently quiet your mind and help you sleep faster—leaving less time to overthink about the worries in your life!

5. Can help with Restless Leg Syndrome

Restless Leg Syndrome affects a lot of Americans at varying degrees of severity. Many people who use a Weighted Blanket for RLS find the physical weight that restrains their legs is enough to prevent the condition from disrupting their sleep routine. In our blog, which covers RLS, we showed off Ann’s glowing review;
“And the comforting weight on my legs and boy just eases those RLS symptoms and drifts me off to a sound sleep!!!” - Ann

You can read the full blog post here!

6. Can help the Elderly

Unfortunately, these conditions are only further exacerbated as we age. Muscles and joints will ache, adding further obstacles to a good night’s sleep. The older we get, the more help we need. Weighted Blankets grew in popularity throughout Elderly communities as they aided sleep and reduced the pain for large numbers of Elderly people!


Weighted Blanket Benefits for Kids

On the other end of the scale, there are Weighted Blanket benefits for kids! The benefits are different as children are often in full health and have very different demands from their bodies.

Weighted Blankets for kids benefits are largely the same as adults — with a few unique differences. They make up a large part of the YNM catalogue. We have found the following benefits most popular with our customer feedback.

7. Can help children with Autism

A lot of Parents have found Weighted Blankets benefits to help their children with Autism. In moments where a child feels overwhelmed, the comfort of the blanket can reduce anxiety and stress in the moment to help calm the child. We have covered this in a full blog post, where we also share reviews from Parents talking about their experience of using our Weighted Blankets for their child.

8. Can give Children a more restful sleep

Just like Adults, Weighted Blankets for kids have an equal effect on sleep. The aid of the Weighted Blanket can help your kid sleep for longer periods of the night and to wake up feeling fresh and ready for the school day ahead!

9. Can act as a comforter

Finally, the Weighted Blanket can act as a general comforter. At any point in the day, your child can wrap themselves within a blanket and ease away any built up energy or tension! Day or night, Weighted Blankets for kids benefits are just an arm's length away!