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How To Sleep Better When You Are Stressed

Jan 13, 2023

Millions of adults worldwide are kept awake, tossing and turning, from various sources of stress in their life. Not only does this impact the quality of life across the coming days, but it has potential long-term implications for our overall health. This article will look at ways you can manage your stress, particularly with the aid of a Weighted Stress Blanket.

Identifying Why You’re Stressed

First, you need to identify the source of your stress. Often, this is related to a problem or concern that is immediate in our lives. However, it is just as likely to be a background issue - festering away within our subconscious mind. You can get to the bottom of the cause of your stress and then look at what you can do about it.

We feel stressed when we feel like a problem is either overwhelming or out of our control. If it is overwhelming, it can be broken down and tackled one step at a time. If it’s out of our control, then there’s very little we can do about it anyway. Identify which bracket your source of stress falls under and reflect on what you could do that would give you peace of mind.

Unfortunately, life in general is a condition where everything feels out of our control. And creating an actionable plan to handle stress is, more often than not, a fantasy. As such, learning how to cope with the consequences of stress actively is oftentimes a more reliable way to feel better in the short term (until the source of stress is no more).

As our Weighted stress Blankets are one of the best ways to manage stress, the rest of this article will focus on managing stress to get a better night sleep.

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How to Manage Stress to Sleep Better

At this point, I could rattle through a list of things that everyone knows but we seldom act upon. Exercise before bed (just what you need after a long, stressful day), practice mindfulness or yoga (if you can find a silent room to meditate for an hour without interruptions), or switch off your digital self and avoid blue lights and other devices (so sit alone with your thoughts. Which doesn’t really sound like it really solves the problem).

What you rarely find mentioned on these lists is endorsements for various vices which we all know are bad for us too. A glass of wine is fine, but only if you have a fifth of a glass and not a sip more. This only really builds up your tolerance, so you end up drinking cheap wine and feeling nothing anyway.

What if, then, there was something scientifically proven to help manage your stress and sleep better simultaneously?

Weighted Blanket for Stress Relief

At this point, you might wonder how a stress-relief Weighted Blanket works. The science behind it is simple. A Weighted Blanket is like a regular blanket, only it’s stuffed with thousands of micro glass beads. This gives the blanket a unique weight that hugs your body when applied. Consequently, this weight feels like a hug to your body! Hugs are a proven source of comfort as the contact against our body triggers the release of feel-good chemicals from our brain into our body.

All of which to say that a stress relief Weighted Blanket is the same as on-demand comfort and stress relief! You can wear the Weighted stress Blanket around the home (across your body or draped over your shoulder), or the more popular use method of laying the stress-relieving Weighted Blanket across your body as you sleep on your mattress.

The first option is perfect for lowering your stress levels before sleeping. Wearing the blanket across your body throughout the night is a great way to help you fall asleep faster and wake up less at night. If you’ve wondered whether Weighted Blankets help with stress - there’s your answer!

Whichever your preference for using your Weighted stress Blanket, you’re certain to feel more relaxed and calm because of it!

Hand Resting on Charcoal YNM Weighted BlanketA Weighted Stress Blanket and You

You can buy a YNM stress relief Weighted Blanket in various sizes and colors too. Our Cooling stress relief Weighted Blanket is perfect for those who sleep a little hot at night. You can even combine it with a cover to add an extra layer of protection too.