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How to Wash a Weighted Blanket?

Aug 06, 2023

Weighted blankets like regular sheets and blankets must also be constantly washed to promote their efficacy and enhance comfort. So how can you wash your weighted blanket? In this post, we outlined detailed instructions on how to wash your weighted blanket, the various fabrics and materials, and how to effectively wash them.

Detailed Guide on Washing Your Weighted Blanket

Do you know that about one-third of our lifetime is spent sleeping? Yes, if you didn't know, the average human spends around 26 years sleeping, representing about 228,000 hours or 9490 days. Furthermore, it also takes us around 7 years trying to find sleep!

Yes, sleep takes up a significant part of our lifetime—notwithstanding how busy you are! Unfortunately, not all of us can say we always get a good night's sleep. Hence, many individuals turn to splendid sleep aids like a weighted blanket. By investing in such aids, we can effectively claim our night back.

Nonetheless, with the significant amount of time we spend in bed, our sheets and duvets continually collect and accumulate various body fluids. This factor can contribute to our woes in bed. With this, it is crucial to have a consistent washing routine, as it is essential for a soothing, healthy sleeping setting.

Let's get started.

How Can You Wash Your Weighted (Glass Beads) Blanket?

Can you wash a weighted blanket? Yes! The washing process of weighted blankets is quite simple. All you need to do is run it through your washing machine at a low-temperature setting and tumble dry it with a low setting.

Weighted blankets are made from different materials, and one of the most familiar options is plastic pellets. While it is a cheap and functional option, our YNM Weighted blankets are made from unique micro glass beds. This material is used because it offers more weight despite boasting a similar size to plastic pellets.

Surprisingly, washing a plastic pellet blanket differs from washing our glass beads blankets, notwithstanding the difference in material composition. Glass beads, however, are unique since they don't absorb moisture; hence you are only drying the fabric. Ideally, the two YNM cooling and cotton weighted blankets can be washed, and here's how to do it:
  • First, wash your blanket alone.
  • Machine wash your weighted blanket at a warm/cold temperature (not beyond 85F)
  • Don't use any bleaching agent.

How Do You Wash the Minky Weighted Blanket?

Mother, Son and Daughter Hiding Behind A Striped YNM Weighted BlanketHave you checked out our exclusive Minky Weighted Blanket? If not, you should, not just for its associated benefits but for its easy washability. This blanket is superbly soft to your touch, and you might even be skeptical about following the same washing procedure as other blankets, like the bamboo fabric and cotton options. Luckily, there's not much to it, and you only need to follow this simple process:
  • First, wash your blanket alone.
  • Machine wash your weighted blanket at a warm/cold temperature (not beyond 85F)
  • Don't use any bleaching agent

How Do You Wash a 'Heavy' Weighted Blanket (Over 15 lbs)?

Weighted blankets boast different weight ranges extending all to 30 lbs! As you would expect, you can feel skeptical and wonder whether a washing machine can accommodate such a substantial weight. Luckily, once you try it out, you'll be surprised at how easily and freely it moves when in the machine.

If not, you can alternatively take your weighted blanket to the local laundromat since they have special heavy-duty washing machines suited for the job! Better yet, they also have professionals skilled at washing all weighted blankets.


How Do You Dry a Weighted Blanket?

Now that you understand how to wash your weighted blanket properly, it is only prudent to learn how to dry it. Surprisingly, drying a weighted blanket can be done in two unique options mainly:

  1. Air Drying: stretch your weighted blanket over a large open area and leave it to allow natural drying. Your home's temperature is typically enough to help moisture evaporate from the blanket. You can leave your blanket to dry through the day, and you'll be set by nighttime.
  2. Machine Drying: In a low-temperature setting, place your weighted blanket into your washing machine (alone). Give it around 1 hour, and it will be all set.

NOTE: Avoid ironing your weighted blanket after washing and drying. The idea is to avoid any sweltering temperatures.


What Do You Do When You Spill a Drink on the Weighted Blanket?

Dark Grey Couples Weighted Blanket On Bed

Have you spilled a drink on your weighted blanket? Worry not; we've got you. Start by pre-soaking the spill area with soapy, warm water and gently scrub it. Hopefully, the blanket will soak the moisture and wash away the stain. Alternatively, you can do spot cleaning! What is it? Get a new/old toothbrush and mix a mild detergent and cold water. Scrub your blanket with this mixture; hopefully, the stain will vanish!


The Perfect Way to Safeguard Your Weighted Blanket

Want to protect your weighted blanket? This is everything that you need to wash your weighted blanket properly. nonetheless,

It is easier to avoid the hustle of constantly washing your weighted blanket by buying one of the many YNM duvet covers! With these unique blanket covers, you get an ideal added protection layer and easy cleaning convenience! Furthermore, they are a terrific way to enhance your weighted blanket decor with new fabrics and designs and completely transform your sleeping experience!

Feel free to contact us for more information on our weighted blankets and duvet covers.