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How to Stay Cool With A Weighted Blanket?

Aug 06, 2023

Although a weighted blanket will exert a consistent amount of weight on your body while you sleep, most of it will not maintain heat. This depends on the fabric quality of the materials used in the breathable weighted blanket. If you are a hot sleeper, this article will introduce our best tips and tricks to help you sleep better throughout the night!

What Are Weighted Blankets?

Did you know that you can stay cool with a quality weighted blanket? Weighted blankets are a trendy accessory that has hit the market by storm for their ability to keep you cool. However, only some people are familiar, and before we show you how to remain cool when using a weighted blanket, it is important first to understand weighted blankets.


Woman Under YNM Infinite Minky weighted Blanket
A weighted blanket defines a sleep aid designed to help individuals have a healthier night's sleep. From its ability to reduce anxiety or stress to helping with insomnia and helping alleviate aches and pains, weighted blankets are popular for restoring a peaceful night's sleep.

What makes these blankets unique is their weight. The weight is suitably set through its filling distributed across the blanket. This filling features multiple pockets that help give it evenly distributed weight across your body. This exclusive weight stimulates a unique experience similar to a hug, allowing your body to release chemicals that promote relaxation and good feelings.

Even with the popularity of these accessories, several questions surround how they work. This post will discuss common questions about weighted blankets, primarily whether they make you hot. So, do weighted blankets make the user hot?
Let's find out…


Woman Under YNM Infinite Minky weighted Blanket

Are Weighted Blankets Hot?

This is a popular question about weighted blankets, and the best way to answer this is to understand how weighted blankets work.

Heat retention on this type of blanket depends on 2 essential factors: the blanket quality and the user. Our bodies are different, and as such, some individuals exert more heat, which can prevent good sleeping habits. For such individuals, the priority when shopping for weighted blankets is superb breathability and proper airflow features.

Nonetheless, the only way to guarantee a weighted blanket plays its role as intended is to get a quality weighted blanket. A quality weighted blanket is professionally designed using top-grade material.

The suitability of a weighted blanket also depends on the type of material used to produce them. Unfortunately, many weighted blanket manufacturers use plastic pellet material to add to the blanket's weight.

While it is a cost-effective way to design functional weighted blankets, plastic is not a suitable material. Plastic material absorbs significant amounts of heat; hence if you sleep hot, the material will hinder breathability and help build up more heat in your weighted blanket, giving an uncomfortable feeling.

Another concern with some popular weighted blankets is the outer fabric quality. While cotton is the most popularly used fabric for its proper breathability and softness, the efficiency of a weighted blanket depends on the cotton quality used. As such, ensuring your weighted pillow is made from genuine cotton if you want to enjoy your experience is important.

Now that you understand what makes up a quality weighted blanket, it is easy to see why our YNM Weighted Blankets are the way to go. Our pillows comprise micro glass bead components to offer the blanket appropriate weight. Glass allows for superb breathability since it doesn't absorb your body heat, subsequently allowing it to disperse through the blanket. What's more, YNM also uses top-quality fabrics in designing our weighted blankets. Our products are made from genuine cotton, suitable for most sleepers looking to enjoy the benefits of weighted blankets.

Alternatively, for those that sleep a little toastier than others, a cooling weighted blanket is also an option for you.

Woman Under YNM Infinite Minky weighted Blanket

Are There Weighted Blankets That Remain Cool?

Our cooling weighted blanket brand was established to serve the industry's great demand for cooling blankets. We offer a unique range of weighted cooling blankets for ultimate comfort. But how do we manage to offer such a popular brand of cooling weighted blankets?

The key is in the weighted blanket fabric. We use premium bamboo viscose material allowing the blanket to feel cold to the touch! Since it is particularly popular for its superb airflow qualities, the blanket guarantees a cooling effect since little heat is retained within its material.

With these qualities, a weighted blanket is an appropriate option for hot individuals! Finally, our unique category of breathable weighted blankets ensures you can enjoy using a weighted blanket while the temperature around you remains healthy throughout your nighttime.

Top 3 Tips to Help You Sleep Cooler with Weighted Blankets

If you want to remedy the challenge of feeling too hot frequently when sleeping, you can enhance the benefits that come with cooling weighted blankets by applying any of these few tricks before sleeping:

Use Only breathable weighted blankets: This may come as a surprise, but for a healthy night’s sleep, it is always best to refrain from sleeping with or on top of a regular blanket over your body. Ensure you get rid of any additional fabrics that don’t promote breathability, and if you are up for the experience, you can even decide to get yourself a new pair of bed sheets.

Avoid wearing tight-fitting garments or go for loose clothing: When you wear tight fabric, it sits closer to your body and traps heat when trying to exit it. Alternatively, wearing baggier nightwear makes it easy for heat to escape from your body, especially when incorporating a weighted blanket that naturally holds your clothing against your body when sleeping. Better yet, depending on your flexibility, you can sleep nearly naked!

Take a cold shower before going to bed: before hopping into bed: Take a warm shower/bath and lower the water temperature gradually as you get ready to finish. Why? It will trigger your body to slowly lower your temperature to an ideal internal body temperature for a good night's sleep.

It is important to note that these few useful tips only work as intended for users with a cooling and breathable weighted blanket. Luckily, we have garnered a solid reputation for producing superbly breathable weighted blankets. In fact, here is one notable customer review on our cooling weighted blankets:

"The fabric is breathable and soft. Generally, I get hot during sleep and always leave my fan on, but not since getting this cooling weighted blanket. The blanket’s weight is great, and it feels snugly. I chose to buy the king blanket because it is designed to cover two individuals, and my partner, despite being initially skeptical, now enjoys it too. A definite must-have!"  – Ann

Can You Put a Cover on Your Weighted Blanket?

Many customers also ask whether you can use a weighted blanket with a cover. Adding a cover to a blanket is recommended since it offers an added protection layer while accentuating its overall appeal and design.

The most impressive characteristic of these cooling weighted blankets is that you can place a cover on them, and it won’t affect the blanket's overall breathability qualities!