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Weighted Blanket Pros and Cons

Oct 15, 2023

Sleep is important for your brain’s memory, learning new stuff and recharging. For this reason, you have to invest in top-notch beddings. Fancy silk bed sheets won't cut it. A weighted blanket is a great way to enhance your comfort, and health. Why weighted blankets? The simple answer is that they stand out thanks to the different fillers they contain, which in turn offer deep pressure stimulation. They have endless benefits.

Nevertheless, everything with a silver lining has some limitations. Let's dive into the world of weighted blankets. What are their pros and cons? Read on!


Weighted blankets: Pros

Better Sleep!

Quality sleep is a crucial important aspect of a fulfilling life. It helps your body rest and recharge so you can efficiently go about your business. Weighted blankets like these exclusive ones improve your comfort when you turn in for sleep or rest. They provide just the right amount of warmth so you don’t wake up dripping in sweat, which can be gross. They are designed with even pressure so they don't lie too heavy on your body.




No Restless Sleep

Nope! This is not hearsay. The fact that weighted blankets can help you get rid of insomnia is actually scientifically supported. They ‘hold you’ in place so you can easily fall asleep, keeping away the toss and turns or cat naps. Interestingly, sleeping in a weighted blanket can help your body release ‘feel good’ hormones therefore you can factor in getting one if you experience constant stress and anxiety which makes it hard for you to catch a good sleep.


A Feeling of Safety

If you enjoy warm cuddles or tight hugs, you’ll love the weighted blanket; it provides a sense of security. However, ensure you get the right weighted blanket size so you don't end up feeling like you are covered in a concrete filled duvet.


Can Help with Chronic Pain

Catching sleep when experiencing pain can be daunting. Some good news is that weighted blankets can help you or your loved ones with chronic pain navigate in a slightly better way. They can help minimize the pain intensity so you sleep better. However, it is important to note that they are not proven to work as pain relieving methods on their own, rather they complement other solutions.


They Help with ADHD Hyperactivity

Weighted blankets offer a hug-like sensation. This can be helpful for individuals with ADHD who experience a hard falling asleep. A person with ADHD will have a hard time maintaining focus and staying still. The weighted blanket can provide a friendly hold that can help them stay calm and fall asleep quicker.


Weighted Blankets: Cons

Not Suitable for All

As sad as it might sound, not everyone can enjoy the benefits of a weighted blanket. You should avoid the use of a weighted blanket if you have conditions like asthma or sleep apnea. You might end up having difficulty breathing in your sleep due to their added pressure. Babies are too small and delicate for any adult size blanket; so many things can go wrong if they are left unattended in a weighted blanket as it is too bulky for their weight. By all means keep them away from a weighted blanket until they are at least 3 years old.


Too Much Attachment

A weighted blanket will have you out like a light in no time; however, ensure you practice good sleeping habits like a proper sleeping routine. If you always rely on your weighted blanket to soothe you to sleep, you might end up suffering from insomnia on occasions where your sleeping buddy isn't available to you. Think about carrying your weighted blanket any time you intend to sleep away from your home; sounds hectic right?



Quality luxury items come at a cost. Well, so does a good weighted blanket. They are unique and so much goes into their production process, for instance the fillers. This makes them more costly than regular blankets and duvets. You can plan ahead if you are working with a limited budget.



Weighted blankets can contribute to your overall well-being. Nevertheless, they come at a cost so ensure you evaluate their benefits and shortcomings before you get one. Also, for some individuals it might take time before getting used to the weighted blanket experience. Nothing to lose sleep over. So long as it doesn't get too uncomfortable, just ease into it, and you will have no regrets. At YNM, we offer a variety of top-tier weighted blankets. Contact us today and take your sleep to the next level.