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What's the Filling Inside Your Weighted Blanket?

Oct 25, 2023

A weighted blanket can be your number one sleeping buddy. A reason you look forward to getting home after long working hours. Perhaps you have or are planning to get one but can't shake off the curiosity of what makes them sort of heavy.

Weighted blankets have fillings that provide deep touch pressure, hence the cuddling effect. The quality of these fillings has significantly improved over time. Back then, people threw in all sorts of materials in their weighted blankets, like wait for it! Stones, beans, rice, sand, etc.


Frankly, none of these were great options. As you can imagine, the earliest version of the weighted blanket turned out to be too heavy, and even weight distribution was a challenge. Thankfully, the fillings kept advancing to the modern version in the market today. Let's explore some types of fillings you might come across in your weighted blanket.


What Type of Filling Is in My Weighted Blanket?

Plastic Poly

Well, before all else, this type of filling is very affordable. The pellets are made from polypropylene, and therefore, their environmental friendliness is debatable. The advantages of plastic poly pellets do not go beyond their cost effectiveness.

Nevertheless, they are approved for use and are pretty popular. They are said to have traces of toxins, so you might want to keep off this type of filling if you have skin sensitivity. Plastic poly pellets are readily available. At the end of the day, it all boils down to your personal preference.


Micro Glass Beads

If you are big on eco-friendly fillers, this is it. Weighted blankets with this filling have great perks compared to their counterparts. For instance, they are easy to clean, hypoallergenic, have a sleek design, and are sensory friendly.

They are the most expensive of the filling types but are totally worth it if you have a sensory disorder or prefer a smoother option to the plastic poly. Want to know if a weighted blanket has a glass bead filling? Try feeling the small beads in the blanket using your finger and thumb.


Steel Beads

These fillers have endless advantages. I mean, from their smooth feel to their friendly size, which ensures they stay in the blanket, they are long lasting, to their heaviness; hence just a few are needed for the ideal pressure, not forgetting you can machine wash them.

Despite these benefits, their main drawback can be hardly overlooked. Not when you value your quiet sleep. Due to their large size and glossiness, they consistently rub on each other, producing clinking sounds that can disrupt your sleep.


That's right! If you are into holistic healing, you can consider crystal fillers. They serve a bigger function than just adding deep touch pressure. For instance, they can enhance natural healing for a more fulfilling sleep. Remember, this entirely depends on your beliefs. Crystals are expensive but are a worthwhile investment if you want a holistic sleeping experience. 


DIY Fillers

Some people still use unconventional fillings like grains, sand, and pebbles. For starters, they are too heavy; cleaning will be a hassle as you can't get them wet, not to mention their questionable durability.

These types of fillings are basically worth a mention, but we do not recommend their use. If you want to give this type a shot, at least go for the steel shot beads, which will offer you a bare minimum of an evenly distributed weighted blanket. They, however, can be noisy; too much for some quiet sleep, right?


Zero Filling

Now, hold up! Did you know that some weighted blankets do not have any fillers? Rather, they are stuffed with a load of fabric like cotton. The main advantage of this type is that the distribution is exceptional. Nevertheless, the bulkiness is a big issue; it can be so hot that you wake up all sweaty and uncomfortable. Also, there are limitations when it comes to large sizes. This is usually used on the yarn of chunky knit weighted blankets.


What Weighted Blanket Filler Is Best?

This factor is unique to what your weighted blanket desires are in terms of weight, budget, material, and maintenance. Glass bead fillers take the win as their advantages cut across most of these considerations. Additionally, factor in hypoallergenic fillers in case you have any associated allergies. For greater convenience, it would help to pick fillers that have machine washable and tumble-drying properties.



Now that you have the blanket filler know-how, you can evaluate the different factors at play and choose the type that suits your personal preference. Of course, you won't have to use those lumpy fillers because you think you can't afford a weighted blanket. At YNM, we have your perfect weighted blanket. Whether you want a high-end option for a luxurious sleep or an affordable option that will make comfort your friend. Shop today for the best deals!