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5 Types of People to Gift a Weighted Blanket

Dec 08, 2023

You have used a weighted blanket before and loved the experience. Now you are thinking ‘who can I gift this bedding so they can enjoy the benefits too’? Or, perhaps you have read about the helpfulness of a weighted blanket and would love to gift someone. Well, gifts need to be thoughtful and appropriate.

Therefore, the next question you need to answer is whether the person you have in mind will appreciate having a weighted blanket. With that in mind, here are five types of people to gift a weighted blanket.

People Struggling to Sleep

If you know a loved one struggling to fall asleep and stay asleep, a weighted blanket would be helpful for them. Poor sleep quality affects other aspects of a person’s well-being, and a weighted blanket is a safe covering that could help. It helps your loved one rest better, as it relaxes the nervous system.

Moreover, using a weighted blanket feels like someone is massaging your entire body. If you have had a massage, you know how relaxing it is, and you might find yourself closing your eyes and snoozing away!

That is not all; if the person you are gifting has told you how much they toss around when sleeping, a weighted blanket could assist. It is heavier than ordinary blankets -15 to 20 pounds- helping prevent movement when sleeping.


Those with Anxiety

We all deal with anxiety at some point in life and find ways to manage it, such as talking to a friend and move on. However, when a person starts experiencing anxiety every other day for whatever reason, it affects their quality of life. If the mind is not settled, it is hard getting anything done.

Well, a weighted blanket can help someone with anxiety. How?  Manufacturers use glass beads or plastic pellets in weighted blankets. These materials apply gentle pressure on the body, helping one calm down and relax.


Stressed Individuals

If someone you know is having a stressful moment, a weighted blanket can be a considerate gift. Like anxiety, stress affects the mind, so getting through a task or day becomes a challenge. The relaxation that a weighted blanket causes can help reduce stress. When you are stressed, a hug from a loved one can make a huge difference; even cuddling can help to some extent. A weighted blanket hugs the body closely while applying gentle pressure, improving relaxation when one is stressed.

 A tired woman, wrapped in a YnM weighted blanket, dozes off at her desk with her computer in front of her.

Those Who Work at Night

Working at night means dressing for the occasion, especially when it is cold. Layering is helpful here to keep the cold away. If you know someone on the night shift and would like to gift him or her, try a weighted blanket. It provides extra warmth around the body, making them more comfortable during the night. They can wrap the blanket around them as they work and benefit from mild pressure, relaxation, and coziness.


Autistic Children

Kids above the age of three can use a weighted blanket. Brands provide a variety of weighted blankets for children in different sizes. Autism can disrupt sleep, making it hard for autistic children to sleep. With a weighted blanket, you can help the little one rest better.

Moreover, he or she can benefit from the calmness that this bedding provides, helping them deal with anxiety and stress. If you are looking for a thoughtful present that actually helps an autistic child, a weighted blanket is a worthwhile choice. They may not like it as much as toys, but it can help them in crucial times.


Those Dealing with Pain

Pain keeps you awake and even makes you anxious and stressed. If you have a loved one struggling with pain, a weighted blanket may help ease the pain. How may it do that? It is because of how the blanket works. Remember how we earlier mentioned that a weighted blanket feels like a massage? Well, it can alter how the body perceives aches, helping ease the discomfort. Moreover, this bedding could reduce stress and anxiety, which can occur due to chronic pain.


A weighted blanket is a handy gift for several types of people. If a person is having a hard time sleeping or is dealing with anxiety, stress, or pain, the bedding could help in these scenarios.

It also provides warmth for those cold nights, protecting the body and enhancing comfort through a night shift. Children above three years old can also use weighted blankets designed for them.