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5 Benefits of Using A Weighted Blanket During Pregnancy

Feb 13, 2023

Weighted Blankets are perfectly safe for use during pregnancy. They should only weigh 10% of your overall weight, so it won’t feel much different than a heavy blanket or extra pillows. This article expands on this, revealing the benefits of using a Weighted Blanket while pregnant.

Can You Use A Weighted Blanket While Pregnant?

Yes! As always, if you do have any concerns, you should speak to your Doctor to get a vote of confidence, as everybody is different. But the weight of a blanket is marginal when taken in the context of everything else that is happening to your body.

We recommend purchasing a Weighted Blanket 10% of your overall body weight. This is then distributed across the entirety of the blanket—meaning the amount of weight on your stomach is an even smaller amount than the total weight of the blanket. One of our favorite testimonials comes from Anna, who shared the experience of her pregnant daughter (who had triplets!):

“My daughter loves it. It's not too hot but has the snuggle feeling because of the weight. She's pregnant with triplets, and it helps her sleep better at night.” - Anna


Mother and Daughter Under Two Fresh Mint YNM Weighted Blankets

We hope this has answered your question on “can you use a Weighted Blanket while pregnant” and other similar questions. But if you do have any additional concerns, then please speak with your assigned Doctor. However, now we want to turn the tables and look at the benefits of using a Weighted Blanket during pregnancy!

Woman Reading on Bed Reading Under Fresh Mint YNM Weighted BlanketBenefits of using a weighted blanket during pregnancy


  • Weighted Blankets are a great way to help manage your stress and anxiety. The weight of the blanket simulates the experience of a hug. To our brain, it’s hard to tell the difference, and so it releases feel-good chemicals into our body which help slow our heart rate and help us feel relaxed. During pregnancy, especially if it’s your first, you’ll have many worries and stresses on your mind. These are all perfectly natural. You can help collect yourself with the aid of a Weighted Blanket. Whether that’s around your shoulders/across your body during the day or in the moments before going to sleep at night.
  • With your sleep being disrupted the further into the pregnancy you get (and after), you’ll want to make the most of the hours you do get some shut-eye. One of the biggest benefits of a Weighted Blanket is how it can help you get a fuller, more restful sleep each night. The hugging sensation persists throughout the night to calm and soothe your body. This leads nicely to the next benefit...
  • They can help you sleep faster! Once you’ve woken up, you’ll want to get back to sleep as soon as possible. The calming effects of the blankets can help you with this. Both during and after your pregnancy, it might be hard for you to get to sleep at the times you need by the various disruptions in your environment and those caused by your body.
  • Clean posture is important during your sleep. Via various pillows and supports, a good sleeping posture can help blood circulation and ease your muscles' stress. However, for people not accustomed to sleeping on their backs, this can be hard to adjust to. The Weighted Blanket, feels natural as it helps you resist the urge to shuffle around in the night.
  • Similarly, this can also help you feel grounded. A common experience during pregnancy is feeling as though you are floating in your headspace. Through a Weighted Blanket, you have a persistent feeling of being grounded, which can help you better control your mind as your body undergoes all of the pregnancy-related changes.


Any of our Weighted Blankets for pregnancy will be fine; however, if you find that you are prone to hot sweats and generally overheating, we strongly recommend our cooling Weighted Blanket. Made using 100% bamboo viscose, the fabric feels like the cold side of the pillow and better allows heat from your body to pass through the fibers—so you can stay cool and relaxed all night long.