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Weighted Blanket for Anxiety Relief

Mar 13, 2023

Anxiety affects over 40 million US citizens, according to the Anxiety and Depression Association of America (ADAA). Yet on average, only 36.9% of those suffering this highly treatable condition will seek treatment. Whether people are unaware they suffer from anxiety, or fear the stigma associated with practicing good mental health, people just aren’t getting the help they need. Which is why we want to talk about using a weighted blanket for anxiety and why YNM is one of the best weighted blanket for anxiety on the market.

Weighted Blanket for Anxiety

Our bodies all work in the same way. If we go way back in time, when our ancestors and bodies were built for survival, we would have one of three reactions in the face of perceived danger. Fight, fight, or freeze. This was our body’s way of helping us quickly adapt to a scenario that we felt threatened our lives: dangerous prey, violent humans, or other life-threatening circumstances. And back then, this is exactly what our bodies needed!

Top View of YNM Infinite Weighted Blanket On Bed

How are weighted blankets made?

Here’s a theory worth exploring. You know when you are half asleep, and your body suddenly jolts like you had just fallen from a height? One theory amongst evolutionary biologists is that our ancestors would sleep in trees to avoid land predators at night. This reaction we experience could be from our hyper-awareness to prevent ourselves from falling from great heights. If only our ancestors had a weighted blanket for sleep anxiety, we might not experience this strange phenomenon today!

However, as humans evolved, our reliance on our bodies to protect and help us survive has diminished. Unfortunately, the brain is still geared to perceive threats all the same. It’s unable to tell the difference between a predator and the anxiety we feel towards giving an important presentation. The chemical reaction within our bodies still aligns with the fight, flight or freeze response.

We will experience various conditions like an increased heart rate, our chests can feel tight, and we struggle to react as we want, or our ability to focus is greatly diminished. So how does a weighted blanket for anxiety come into this?

Woman Under YNM Infinite Minky weighted BlanketHow Can a Weighted Blanket Help with Anxiety?

Or, let's say, is a weighted blanket beneficial to release your anxiety? To understand this, we need to talk about the science behind the blankets before moving to what a weighted blanket does for anxiety.

A scientific way to trigger the release of relaxing chemicals in your brain is through a hug. When we hug a person, it calms us down and can help us feel better. This is why we often seek the arms of another when we’re upset, or should we feel uncomfortable, we will comfort ourselves by holding our arms or touching our faces.

A weighted blanket for anxiety works by recreating the experience of a hug! The weight of the blanket, combined with our delicate, soft fabrics, gives us the feeling of a nice, warm hug. We also know this is also as deep pressure stimulation. The contact between the blanket and our skin is enough to trick our brain into feeling that we are being hugged! All of our products create this effect, but is there a best-weighted blanket for anxiety?

We would pick out the Soft Line Minky Blankets as being the best-weighted blanket for anxiety! We use a softer fabric to provide that extra layer of warmth and comfort (but it’s still breathable and will prevent you from overheating at night), and placed small bumps on the underside of the fabric for extra sensory stimulation. The blanket comes in all sizes and weights, so there are weighted blankets for adults with anxiety to suit both your personal taste and the size of your bed. If you’re unsure what size is right for you, you can always check out our size guide!

The weighted blankets that are used to treat anxiety and insomnia (as well as other problems such as stress or restless leg syndrome). YNM weighted blankets are designed and made to help treat all these conditions. Check out the following testimony by Lizzie. She mentioned how her friend uses a weighted blanket to expel anxiety.

“This is really a great product! I gave this as a gift to my friend who suffers from anxiety and occasional insomnia. She has never heard of the benefits of weighted blankets, but my friend is very happy to make use of the blanket. This feels like a warm big hug, as if it really helps to calm her mind. ” - Lizzie

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