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Can Weighted Blankets be Beneficial with Restless Leg Syndrome?

Aug 06, 2023

For many of us, as we age, there are many situations that disrupt our sleep patterns. A more common condition is restless leg syndrome, which keeps us awake by constantly moving our legs at night. If left untreated, our sleep patterns may be severely disrupted and our quality of life may decrease as we struggle to fall asleep.

Fortunately, many customers have returned to say how YNM blankets have been helpful with their RLS. Additionally, their quality of sleep has improved. Continue reading to know whether weighted blankets are ideal for you and how they help with restless legs syndrome.
However, before we delve into that, let's cover what you need to know about RLS and elaborate on how a blanket can ease the pain.


Woman Lying Under YNM Infinite Weighted Blanket

Restless Leg Syndrome

They are also called RLS; this condition affects the nervous system, leaving the patient with an endless urge to move their feet. This impulse surges more when your body is rested, which is why this condition falls under the class of sleeping disorder because this is when the patient is well-rested; therefore, the urge increases.


First Person View Of Customer Lying Under Weighted Blanket

Cause of Restless Leg Syndrome

RLS has been quite the mystery disease, and so has its cause. Perhaps, the cause is a combination of an environmental enabler and genetic predisposition. Research done by Harvard University found that 40% of the people tested had some family members with this condition.
Oftentimes, it starts small but gets worse after some time. Most of the time, people know that they have this condition. Nonetheless, this disease worsens the more you remain rested and can swiftly affect your sleep. If it is not treated, it can result in extreme fatigue and feeling down during the day.

How to Immediately Stop Restless Leg Syndrome?

The most suitable way to treat restless leg syndrome is to get the ideal solution for you. For some individuals, this could be as fundamental as often stretching the leg muscles. On the other hand, for others, they can use heat or ice pads on the legs. However, a particular group only needs to use the YNM weighted blanket!

Here are some testimonials:

Ann says her blanket offered almost instant treatment for her RLS. She also stated that this weighted blanket was her best investment ever. She has been having insomnia for years and has never effectively treated it.

Even after seeing numerous doctors and being prescribed different medications, nothing worked! Additionally, she has RLS, so she decided to try out this weighted blanket. When she is in pain in her legs and can't sleep, she always covers them with this weighted blanket and finds relief this way.

While this weighted blanket isn't marketed for managing RLS, it sure does help. One of the customers says she had been using it for three days and sleeping like a child. She hadn't slept this well for a long time and is very grateful.

Once she uses the weighted blanket to cover her body and legs, the RLS symptoms are eased, which helps with her sleep. This is a phenomenal product; a 15-pound weighted blanket, perfect for comfort and peace when you cover yourself.

We've categorized our weighted blankets into several main classes, comprising hundreds of thousands of micro-glass beads. This offers it a distinctive weight, which makes you feel like it's hugging you.

YNM Infinite Weighted Blanket On BedOur customers who use our weighted blankets for RLS help keep their legs still and restricted, which is imperative for a good night's sleep.

As for testimonials, another YNM weighted blanket customer Cookie has nothing but good things to say about it. Here is what they have to say:

She says she can give this product even 100 stars, if possible. She is genuinely stunned by its effectiveness and quality. However, she was somewhat hesitant at first. She has RLS and had taken her medication the previous night because she wanted to sleep. Plus she also wanted to see how the blanket would perform. She loves how she slept continuously for six hours. Usually, she needs to sleep for 8 to 10 hours to feel adequately rested.

Nevertheless, she says sleep might be her new superpower thanks to this weighted blanket. She is yet to try it without taking her restless leg syndrome medication. And since she was pretty impressed, she intends to buy another blanket for her husband.

Our weighted blanket is a must-try! Trust us and the customers who have reviewed this blanket as a helpful product with their sleep and RLS. Besides, our cooling weighted blanket was ranked top by Business Insider!