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Can Weighted Blankets Help With Restless Legs Syndrome?

Mar 20, 2023

For a lot of us, as we grow older, many conditions can develop which disrupt our sleeping patterns. One of the more common conditions is Restless Leg Syndrome, which keeps us awake via the constant urge to move our legs at night. Left untreated, our sleeping patterns can become severely disrupted and the quality of life diminishes as we struggle to get a full night sleep.

Thankfully, many YNM users have reported great feedback on how their Weighted Blanket helps their RLS and overall quality of sleep. Keep reading to learn how Weighted Blankets help Restless Legs and whether they’re right for you. But before we get to that, we need to understand what RLS is to understand better how a blanket can help ease this pain.

Woman Lying Under YNM Infinite Weighted BlanketWhat Is Restless Leg Syndrome?

Restless leg syndrome (RLS) is a nervous system disorder that gives an individual an increasing urge to move their legs. As this urge only increases once the body is resting, this falls into the category of a sleeping disorder as this is when most sufferers experience symptoms the most.

First Person View Of Customer Lying Under Weighted Blanket

What Causes Restless Leg Syndrome?

The cause of RLS is mostly a mystery in the current field of medicine. Potentially, it is a mix between genetic predisposition and an environmental trigger. In a research paper from Harvard University, they discovered that 40% of the participants tested had a family history of the condition.

It will start small for many people but might worsen with time. It’s not uncommon for people to even be aware that they have the condition. However, as the condition worsens as you remain still, it can quickly interfere with your sleep schedule. Left untreated, it can cause excessive fatigue during the day and a low overall mood.

These microbeads are perfectly safe and are secure within their own pockets. We use innovative stitching technology to ensure this is the case!

How To Stop Restless Leg Syndrome Immediately?

The best way to treat your RLS is to find a solution that works for you. For some, this is as simple as stretching the muscles in their leg. For others, you can place ice/heat pads on your leg. For many people in the YNM community, a Weighted Blanket does just the trick!

For Ann, her blanket provided almost immediate treatment for restless leg syndrome:

“This is the BEST purchase I have ever made. I have been an insomniac for years and have never successfully been treated. Even with many doctors appointments and medications. NOTHING worked! On top of that I have RLS (restless Leg Syndrome). I thought I would give this blanket a try since it was “weighted” and when I am in pain with the nerves in my legs and can’t sleep for so many reasons I always want weight on my legs and body." - Ann

This product is not advertised for RLS, but it absolutely should be! I have had my blanket for three days, and I have been basically sleeping in a coma-like state!!! It is the soundest and best sleep I have ever had in my life. And the comforting weight on my legs and boy, eases those RLS symptoms and drifts me off to a sound sleep!!! It is so hard to describe the feeling of peace and comfort the minute you lay it on your body. I actually ordered the 15-pound blanket for my weight and height because I wanted the extra weight, just in case. This product is phenomenal, to say the least!!!”

We divide our Weighted Blankets into dozens of individual pockets, which we pack with hundreds of thousands of micro-glass beads. This gives the blanket a unique weight, creating a hugging sensation against your body. For our users who use Weighted Blankets for Restless Leg Syndrome, this helps keep their leg restricted and still as it helps them along to a good night’s rest.

YNM Infinite Weighted Blanket On Bed

It has been a similar story for YNM user, Cookie, who uses her Weighted Blanket to stop restless leg syndrome:

“If I could give this 100 stars, I would. I am so surprised by the quality and effectiveness. I was hesitant. I have restless leg syndrome. Last night I still took my medication because I didn’t want to risk losing sleep and wanted to see how the blanket felt to begin with. (I am always hot so I was worried I wouldn’t like the weight). I slept for 6 hours, like a baby. I typically need 8-10 hours to feel rested because I wake up frequently. Sleeping may be my new “super power” now! I am going to see if it helps w/the rls eventually w/out meds. I am going to order another one for watching t.v w/my husband!!” - Cookie

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