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Is It OK to Sleep with a Weighted Blanket Every Night?

Dec 16, 2023

Remember those times when you are so sleepy you cannot keep your eyes open. Well, the vice versa is also true, where you have a hard time falling asleep and even staying asleep due to various factors. That is why the sleep industry offers a variety of solutions, like weighted blankets, to help users rest more easily. Now, with that in mind, you may be asking, “is it okay to sleep with a weighted blanket every night?” Continue reading to find out.

If you guessed a weighted blanket is a heavy cover, yes, you are right. This is a specially designed blanket that is heavier than your usual blankets, weighing 15-20lbs. Manufacturers use plastic pellets or glass beads in making weighted blankets; the beads and pellets are distributed equally around the blanket to ensure comfort for users. If you weigh 150 pounds, for example, you need a 15-pound weighted blanket.

For starters, if you suffer from a sleep condition like sleep apnea, you should not rest for the night with a weighted blanket. Why? The blanket can make airways narrower. Moreover, children under three years old should not be covered with a weighted blanket, as doing so presents the risk of suffocation and getting trapped.

If you are not below three years old and do not have the mentioned conditions, you can use a weighted blanket every night. Make sure you choose the right blanket weight for your body to get the best out of the covering.  

Weighted blankets come in various sizes and materials, so your body gets the cover it needs for maximum positive effects. You can choose to use cotton, knitted, or bamboo weighted blankets and reap their benefits for your overall well-being.


How a Weighted Blanket Can Help You Every Night

Weighted blankets may help improve your sleep and foster relaxation. Here is how a weighted blanket can help you every night.


May Enhance Calmness

How does a weighted blanket enhance calmness? You may ask. Now, we earlier mentioned that companies use glass beads and plastic pellets in weighted blankets. These beads and pellets apply gentle, comforting pressure all over your body all at once. The resulting effect feels like you are being massaged and what do massages do? They help our bodies and mind relax, thus reducing tension. Check out this exclusive weighted blanket line and enhance your calmness.


Could Improve Sleep Quality

Weighted blankets have been reported to help improve sleep quality. Because of how they function-applying relaxing pressure on the body-users are able to rest more easily for their general wellness. The importance of quality sleep cannot be overemphasized. Anything that can help you sleep, like a weighted blanket, is welcome, as long as it is safe.


May Lower Stress and Anxiety

Experts explain that a weighted blanket works by influencing the nervous system, enabling it to relax due to the applied mild pressure on your body. Stressful situations are part of life, or perhaps sometimes you feel anxious. Instead of using your regular blanket after a tough day, a weighted blanket can help relieve stress and anxiety for improved mental health.

Lie on the couch or bed, cover yourself with a weighted blanket, and let it help you deal with stress and anxiety. Less stress and anxiety, in the end, also improves your mood.


Offers Additional Warmth

A weighted blanket also has the benefit of offering warmth. It provides an additional layer on your body, helping you stay warm. This comes in handy during those cold nights and cold weather. Get cozy with a hot beverage in your hand and watch a movie or read a book with a weighted blanket offering you more warmth.


Decreases Movement During Sleep

If you have restless leg syndrome, which causes you to move around when sleeping, you may want to consider using a weighted blanket. That is because, it is heavier than your regular blanket, so it will help keep your feet intact when asleep. This will help you rest much better. The gentle, deep pressure a weighted blanket adds to your body is helpful here.


You can use a weighted blanket every night for its potential benefits. This type of blanket has glass beads or knitted with heavy yarn that apply mild pressure on your body, helping with sleep, anxiety, and stress.