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Best Knitted Weighted Blankets from YNM

Jul 05, 2023

Some people enjoy being smushed 20 pounds under, trying to drift away to dreamland, sleeping on your couch in a knit weighted coverup, or compressed to a body-sized sock. Deep-pressure touch releases a hormone called oxytocin in the brain.

Some people enjoy being smushed 20 pounds under, trying to drift away to dreamland, sleeping on your couch in a knit weighted coverup, or compressed to a body-sized sock. Deep-pressure touch releases a hormone called oxytocin in the brain. 

A hormone that contributes to your overall wellness and ability to deal with stress. It's among the reasons parents swaddle newborns. It plays a significant role in soothing your anxiety-riddled bones.

However, a weighted knitted blanket heals your insomnia or anxiety. It feels like a hug whenever you need one. YNM knitted weighted blankets, through thick and thin, will put that daily stress to rest and keep your home feeling très chic.

Let’s delve and have a look at the best knitted weighted blankets from YNM:


Knitted Cooling Weighted Blanket


The weighted cooling blanket keeps you fresh during sultry weather. It’s 100% made with thermoregulating nylon synthetic yarn and a revolutionary, fresher version of the common weighted blanket. Also, it’s hand-made and excellent for cuddling up on a bed or couch.

It has breathable materials to facilitate airflow as you sleep, preventing overheating and keeping you cool.


Knitted Tie Dye Weighted Blanket


Did you know that YNM designed the world's first tie-dye weighted blanket? Now you know! This blanket is fabulous with every flower kid on the block. Here are some of its features:

  • More environmentally friendly.
  • It has a tie-dye characteristic whereby each color is unique, so you can obtain any color you choose. 
  • Beadless, durable, and hollow fiber design
  • Evenly weight distribution
  • Natural ventilation and breathability
  • Functional and fashionable


Knitted Chenille Weighted blanket


YNM designed the first world's Chenille weighted blanket. It's a throw of high quality with a snuggly, soft touch made using the thickest and softest chenille yarn. A cozy, soft, durable, warm blanket offers excellent comfort that brings enjoyment and high-quality touch.

YNM knitted chenille blanket is a great gift for any occasion; it decorates the bedroom, living room, etc. It is a multi-purpose decor with all the styles you want and an elegant, unique gift for yourself, your family, or your lover.


Knitted Original Weighted blanket


A tightly knit life starts with some refreshing, calm, shut-eye blanket where you loosen up and place your brains to relax in a cozy embrace. 

These premium blankets are lightweight and have a better material on the body to enhance your sleep quality. They simulate that feeling of being hugged and release relaxation-inducing hormones for more profound, better sleep.

It’s specially made for a soothing and relaxing experience. A perfect YNM knitted weighted blanket for all year-round coziness since it doesn’t keep much heat because of its ventilation and superior breathability.

You can use it as you curl up on the lounge or have a well-earned nap. Mostly, people use it as a throw blanket, for a couch, an ottoman, or while on a chair.  

If you have any questions when purchasing a knitted blanket, please contact YNM. We will reply to your needs and solve any problem; our support team is in charge of anything that brings satisfaction and high quality.


Knitted Velvet Weighted Blanket


YNM knitted velvet weighted blankets naturally help the body rest and sleep soundly at night. It’s a calming blanket for both children and adults to assist them feel better.

It’s a handmade weighted blanket kept the same by the yarn size, which is 100 % hollow fiber, and how tight the weighted blanket is knit. It’s knitted, and the weight is spread out evenly to make it durable.

Unrestricted airflow via the blankets loops keeps it high ventilation and breathable. It doesn't retain much heat when you place it on or around you; however, it provides a relaxing and soothing hugging sensation.

It’s a perfect accessory for snuggling on the bed, couch, or chair while reading a book, watching a show, or cuddling with a pet, partner, or child. It makes you feel comfortable and calm.


Take Away


With that, whenever you have a sleeping problem, you will need the cozy YNM knitted weighted blankets. They are the best-weighted blankets to wrap you up in a feeling that extends far beyond warmth: 

The weight of the heavier blanket triggers what researchers call deep touch pressure stimulation— this gentle, deep pressure leads to the release of serotonin and dopamine. Hormones that reduce stress and make you feel great.