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4 Reasons Weighted Blankets are the Perfect Gift

Jan 09, 2023

Millions of people buy their Weighted Blanket from us as they want a better night’s sleep. But is a Weighted Blanket a good gift? If the person you want to buy for enjoys relaxing, or could do with getting more from their sleep, then there’s a pretty good chance they’ll love it! Let’s take a look at gift options available to you to create that perfect Weighted Blanket gift basket.

Why People Love Our Weighted Blankets

Take a peek at our reviews and you’ll find thousands of happy people who rave about how their sleep has improved, or how it helps them relax.

To give you a better idea whether or not this would be well received as a gift, we’ve picked out some reviews for you where people purchased or received a Weighted Blanket as a gift through this article!

Purchased as a gift for my 19 year old sister and she loves it, the design on the cover was hilariously fitting of her personality.She says she has never slept more comfortable although it did take some getting used to at first.Cover is easy to remove and wash and it’s easy enough for her to put back together on her own although much easier for 2 people to do.” - Ro
These blankets are perfect. This is the third one I have bought. This was a gift for my Mom. I bought the 15lb Queen size because it is easier for her to handle by herself. Also, the duvet covers offered are a must have! They keep the blanket protected and it is easier to clean. The key holes on the blanket and ties on the duvet ensure the blanket stays in-place.” - Jdub

Is A Weighted Blanket A Good Gift?

Sea Grass YNM Weighted Blanket Lay Flat on Bed

The art of gift giving is a bit of a science. What makes a good gift isn’t so much about what you buy or how much you spend, but rather the individual you are buying for. You want to strike the balance between surprise (something they don’t expect) whilst appealing to them as something they need. And who doesn’t need more sleep?

What makes a Weighted Blanket as a versatile gift is the range of benefits it offers to a range of people. From kids, adults, or elderly, there’s a Weighted Blanket available which can be tailored for their experience. We already have an entire article on this, so be sure to check that out for a better idea on whether the person you are buying for would benefit from it!

After looking through our thousands of reviews, we have identified the most common reasons people buy a Weighted Blanket:

  • Help them sleep better (disrupted sleep, Insomnia)
  • Help them relax (Stress, anxiety)
  • Helps with aches and pains (Fibromyalgia, Restless Leg Syndrome)
  • As a comforter (Children with anxiety, Autism Gifts Weighted Blanket)

If you know anyone where they could benefit from easing their experiences of the above conditions, then a Weighted Blanket could be the perfect gift!

Weighted Blanket Gift Set

The most popular option by far is our range of covers. Weighted Blanket covers are perfect for adding an additional layer protection to your blanket, but are also a great way to customize the look and feel of it too! You can pick out a cover which perfectly suits the personality of the person you are buying for!

Mother and Daughter Sat On Bed Under Blue YNM Weighted Blanket

When you add a Weighted Blanket to your basket, we give you the option to add a Cover to your basket at a discounted price—so you can save on creating the perfect Weighted Blanket gift basket!

If you want to double down on the sleep gift basket, then you could grab our Weighted Eye mask to your bundle. The eye mask uses the same technology as our blanket to create a soothing pressure to your face as you get ready to sleep. It blocks out all light, and is comfortable throughout the whole night!

On the other hand, maybe you want to create the perfect relaxation Weighted Blanket gift set? Along with some facial cleansing masks or gin sets, you might love our Weighted Shoulder Wrap! Just like the eye mask, the shoulder wrap sits across both of your shoulders and just melts away built up tension after a long day!

Both of these sleep accessories are created using our premium cooling bamboo fabric, so they both feel great and allow heat to flow through effortlessly. There’s plenty of ways to create your Weighted Blanket gift basket—you just need to decide on the direction you want to take!

Weighted Blanket Christmas Gift

A Weighted Blanket isn’t just for Christmas. Once the person gives the blanket a try and they experience the benefits of using it, they’ll no doubt want to use the blanket every night of the year! Is a Weighted Blanket a good gift for Christmas? Here are some great YNM Weighted Blanket gift reviews from orders made over the holidays!

My wife loves this blanket, it was one of her Christmas gifts and probably the favorite. Even on warm nights/morning it’s on so I’m guessing the cooling is for real. I understand the use of weighted blankets, won’t use one for myself but in my situation the wife is happy so I’m happy. Great quality for the price so buy!” - John
I bought this for my husband as a Christmas gift and he is quite happy with it. I bought him the 20lb blanket. It is comfortable for him. Even though we have cold winters here, this weighted blanket is enough for my husband. Highly recommend it.” - Britney

A popular question we are asked is how to gift wrap a Weighted Blanket, but the simple answer is that each blanket comes inside of their own small protective bag! About the size of a handbag. Just wrap it up like you would any other present and you’re good to go. It will make for a pleasant surprise when they try to lift a deceptively small gift from the floor too!

Is a Weighted Blanket a good gift? Absolutely! And the good news is that if you’re on the fence, then you will be covered by our 30-day return policy. If they don’t love it, then it can be returned and you will get a full refund. That’s how confident we are in our Weighted Blankets as gifts!