Choosing Your Blanket Weight

Weighted Blankets should be approximately 10% of your body weight. Choose the following:

15 lbs blanket if you weigh 120 lbs+

20 lbs blanket if you weigh 190 lbs+

25 lbs blanket if you weigh 240 lbs+

Blanket Available Sizes

Choose a blanket size that matches your bed size. For king size beds, check out our couples blankets.

Choosing Your Blanket Weight

Weighted Blankets should be approximately 10% of your body weight. Choose the following:

20 lbs blanket if the lightest person in the couple weighs 120 lbs+

25 lbs blanket if the lightest person in the couple weighs 190 lbs+

30 lbs blanket if the lightest person in the couple weighs 240 lbs+

Blanket Available Sizes

Our King Size Weighted Blanket comes in size 80" x 87" which is perfect for King and Queen sized beds.

Weight Information

Our Kids Weighted Blanket weighs 7 lbs and is suitable for children that weigh 50 lbs+. Ensure your child can remove the blanket unassisted.

Blanket Available Sizes

Our Kids Size Weighted Blanket comes in size 41" x 60" which is perfectly sized to fit children's beds.


Cooling Weighted Blanket: Made with 100% soft bamboo viscose fabric. Perfect for hot sleepers.

Original Weighted Blanket: Our classic design. Wrapped in 100% soft cotton fabric.

King Size Weighted Blanket: Our classic cotton weighted blanket now available in King Size!

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15% Off: Use Code: SUMMER15 at checkout.

Weighted Blanket for Toddlers

Toddler Under YNM Weighted Blanket

Using a Weighted Blanket for toddlers and Children is perfectly healthy and natural. It can help them fall asleep faster, for longer, and wake up feeling fully rested. In this article, we will talk through more of these benefits, how to choose the right one, and whether they are suitable for your kid!

In this article, we will answer the question: can a toddler use a Weighted Blanket? However, we must clarify why we say Toddler (1-year-old - 3-year-old) as the minimum age range. Weighted Blankets may not be safe for Babies (under 12 months old). The minimum required to sleep with a Weighted Blanket is that the sleeper must be able to move/remove the blanket unassisted. You should consult with a pediatrician to make sure a Weighted Blanket is safe for your child if you are uncertain.

Before we dive into the conversation, let’s first recap what a Weighted Blanket is and how they differ for children!

What is a Weighted Blanket?

A Weighted Blanket is a carefully crafted blanket which completely covers your body as you rest. Through multiple layers of premium fabric, pockets of micro-glass beads, and luxuriously soft outer layers, the blanket rests over your body as you relax or try to sleep. To your body, this weight feels like a hug—which naturally feel good to our bodies as it releases positive chemicals in the brain. This is why when we’re feeling down, anxious, or just upset, a hug always helps take the edge off!

We have a complete guide on how our Weighted Blankets are made here. This experience is universal, however, for toddlers the potential benefits are slightly different! For adults, a Weighted Blanket can reduce stress levels, reduce aches and pains, and help us get more sleep. The needs and demands of a toddler’s body is different, so how they benefit from a Weighted Blanket is different too!

Weighted Blanket Benefits for Toddlers

As we covered in our previous blog post, there are 3 key benefits a toddler might experience when using a Weighted Blanket. We went through our thousands of customer reviews and picked out the three main themes which parents talk about when reviewing a Weighted Blanket for toddler.

1. Can give Toddlers more restful sleep

A lot of parents have provided us with excellent feedback about how their Toddler sleeps faster and for longer periods without disruption. They also reported how this impacted their behaviour! This would include fewer mood swings, better eating habits, and easier for their toddler to stick to a bedtime routine each day!

2. Can help Toddlers with Autism

Similarly, our YNM Weighted Blankets have a growing popularity within the parenting Autism communities around the world. During moments of high anxiety/emotions, a Weighted Blanket around the shoulders has received plenty of positive feedback as a method to help comfort the toddler.

3. Can act as a comforter

This also extends to all toddlers who have a lot of built-up energy/emotions—especially at the end of a day. It can also act as a Weighted lap Blanket for toddlers. Fold the blanket onto itself and place over a lap. In doing either of these, you can help relax your toddler and regulate their energy levels at key moments throughout the day.

In order for the Weighted Blanket to be effective, you need to choose the right weight. Our most popular option is the 5 lb Weighted Blanket for toddlers. However, we have other weights and sizes available. So how do you work out the right Weighted Blanket toddler size?

How Heavy Should A Weighted Blanket for a Toddler Be?

The lowest weight range of our Weighted Blankets is the 5 lb Weighted Blanket for toddler. As per adults, you need to select the weight which is 10% of your toddlers overall weight.

The weight of your blanket will vary depending on the age and weight of your toddler. As they grow and develop over the years, consider the following ranges:

  • If your toddler weighs between 40 lbs - 70 lbs, choose the 5 lbs Kids Weighted Blanket
  • If your toddler weighs between 70 lbs - 90 lbs, choose the 7 lbs Kids Weighted Blanket
  • If your toddler weighs between 90 lbs - 120 lbs, choose the 10 lbs Kids Weighted Blanket

Other than our 5 lb Weighted Blanket for toddler, the sizes remain consistent with a single size bed. We often receive enquiries for a 3lb Weighted Blanket for toddlers, however, we believe a toddler below 40 lbs should avoid using a Weighted Blanket because of the concerns raised at the beginning of the article.

Anyone who uses a Weighted Blanket must be able to move and remove the blanket with no help. Never use a Weighted Blanket for Babies. If you have any concerns, please consult with your pediatrician first.

Weighted Blanket for toddler

People ask us a lot of questions with the overall design and robustness of our Weighted Blankets and whether they can sustain the daily lifestyle when exposed to physically active children.

We spent a lot of time and resources on crafting a premium blanket which can resist a lot of wear-and-tear. From our high quality fabrics, to the refined stitching process, our Weighted Blankets are tough to break down! The pockets which contain our glass bead technology are sealed within multiple layers to prevent them from leaking into other pockets, let alone outside of the confines of the blanket. You can see a breakdown of the layers below:

YNM Weighted Blanket Layers Technical Diagram

For additional protection, we strongly recommend purchasing a cover. A cover not only provides a first line of defence against stains and spills (it’s easier to clean a cover than the Weighted Blanket), but can also customize the Weighted Blanket beyond its original state.

You can purchase new fabrics (Cotton, Cooling, Minky) and choose from dozens of fun and unique designs! We have one of the deepest catalogs available for designs and there is sure to be a blanket to suit your toddlers preferences!

Penguin YNM Weighted Blanket Corner Close-Up

Not only is a Weighted Blanket safe for toddlers, but they can also be customized to grow with your Child’s taste!

Is A Weighted Blanket For Your Child?

The final question you might have is whether a Weighted Blanket would suit your child, their personality, and general lifestyle. To help you answer this question, you can try answering the following questions:

  • Is your toddler physically active and has high energy levels?
  • Does your child struggle to relax and remain still for extended periods of time?
  • Enjoy the comfort of a blanket or other soft objects like a stuffed toy?
  • Do they struggle to get consistent amounts of sleep? Do they enjoy naps?

If you answered yes to most of these questions, then it’s likely your child will enjoy the experience of a Weighted Blanket for toddlers!


A Weighted Blanket for toddler/children will largely depend on your child and their preferences. The best way to find out whether they are a good fit for your kid is to just try it and see!

Parents have given us plenty of positive feedback with their experiences. Take this review from a Mother who purchased one for her child with ADHD:

My 8yo was having trouble sleeping and this has helped almost instantly! He has ADHD and struggles with sleep. This blanket has been a lifesaver. He now wakes up happier and sleeps through the night. When he does wake up he falls back asleep quickly. Great price and wonderful quality blanket. I would highly recommend this if you have an anxiety ridden child who loves that deep pressure and seeks it. From a baby he loved being swaddled so this is perfect. Not to mention he doesn’t overheat while using it. Love love love! Definitely earned five stars!

Interested in trying one? Head to the link below!

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