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Who should not use a weighted blanket?

Oct 11, 2023

Just a quick reminder: if you are clueless, weighted blankets are just like regular blankets. But there is a twist: they are filled with tiny, weighted beads or materials like glass pellets. These featured designs add some extra heft to your bedtime cocoon.

Moreover, their gentle pressure mimics the sensation of being hugged or swaddled. This is the feeling that makes you free from anxiety and, in turn, improves your sleep quality and relaxation.  This is all thanks to the weighted blanket's ability to start the secretion of serotonin and dopamine, which promote relaxation and improve mood.

However, they are not for us all. For some individuals, it may do more harm than good. And, so to speak, below, we will be discussing people who should avoid weighted blankets.


So, Who Should refrain from Weighted Bliss?

If you fall into the category below, it will be best if you think twice or even consult a doctor before shopping for a weighted blanket.


Kids below the Age of Two

Okay, get this straight: a baby below age two is definitely going to find weighted blankets quite heavy. Such extra weight can be too much for infants, potentially leading to suffocation or restricted movement. Instead, you have to try out some lighter bedding until they hit the right age.


People with Respiratory Issues

Do you have or know anyone struggling with respiratory issues? If so, consider covering yourself up with a weighted blanket. Normally, weighted blankets are heavy, with some going up to 30 pounds. It’s that extra weight pressing down on your chest that’s going to cause elevated difficulties in breathing.

Under this category falls folks with asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), or any other breathing-related problems. Assuming you are in this class, you may have to consult with a healthcare professional before trying out a weighted blanket.


Those Who Find It Claustrophobic

While you may comfortably tuck under a weighted blanket even when you are claustrophobic, instead of feeling cozy, you are going to be overwhelmed. Remember, weighted blankets aren't for everyone's sensory preferences.

Just in case you don’t enjoy the feeling of being 'held down' or 'trapped,' it's best to skip the weighted blanket experience. In such circumstances, comfort is subjective, and it's perfectly okay to stick with your regular, unweighted bedding if that's what makes you feel at ease.


People with Certain Medical Conditions

Besides respiratory struggle, other health complications may be aggravated with weighted blankets. So, in as much as they can be a source of comfort, you ought to be cautious.

Whether you have diabetes, circulation problems, or any neuropathic disorders, have a chat with your doctor before investing in a weighted blanket. The risk factor here is the additional pressure, which may affect blood flow and potentially worsen your symptoms.


Those Who Can't Move the Blanket Independently

Do you have mobility issues, or are you taking care of someone with mobility issues? Imagine you are nestled in your weighted blankets, and then you need to take a leak of water. But you can't move that heavy blanket on your own. What happens next? You might find yourself in a pickle. That's bad news for older people.

The ordeal can be countered by avoiding the use of weighted blankets. Please prioritize your comfort and ease of movement.


Pets and Weighted Blankets: Not Always a Good Match

And now, switching gears to the furry companions. Picture your dog or cat deciding to make themselves at home. Now, with the added weight of a blanket, they might not find it too cozy.

Still, pets may scratch or nibble at the blanket's cover, potentially damaging it. So, if you have curious critters roaming your home, consider their comfort and the longevity of your weighted blanket.


Who Should Use Weighted Blankets?

Alright, so you might be wondering, "Am I a candidate for a weighted blanket?" Well, if you are constantly tossing and turning, struggling with sleepless nights, a weighted blanket will keep you restfully grounded in your dreamland.  Anxiety and stress warriors still fall under this category, as weighted blankets are known to calm racing minds and promote relaxation. Lastly, for victims of sensory processing issues, like autism or ADHD, it comes as a relief to know you can be comfortable and even get a good night's sleep under weighted blankets.


Final Thoughts

If you are the right match, weighted blankets can help you get a more restful sleep, calm your racing thoughts, ease the tension in your body, or even reduce stress and promote relaxation. Yet, they're not just for everyone. So, if you have any doubts, you ought to have a chat with a healthcare professional before buying a weighted blanket.