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Why Should You Make Weighted Blanket on Your Back-to-School List?

Aug 11, 2023

If you need a pleasant, sound night's sleep, weighted blankets are fantastic that can offer a little added support and comfort to enhance your peaceful sleep. Here are some other reasons why weighted blankets are a must-carry in your school package list.

From bad dreams and tossing and turning in bed to racing thoughts, quite a lot can hinder the perfect night's sleep—especially when we are severely anxious or unsettled. Similarly, sometimes, notwithstanding how exhausted our bodies can get, our minds and bodies can hamper us from getting the much-needed night’s sleep.

Fortunately, there’s a trick or two you can employ to feel relaxed and calm, and weighted blankets are among the best solutions. If you’re getting back to school and looking to try something different to help you navigate this journey without being anxious and stressed, then you should get a weighted blanket.

Besides this, though, there are many reasons why you should make a weighted blanket on your back-to-school list, and we will discuss a few of them in this post. But first…


Weighted Blanket: What Is It?

Ever wonder what a weighted blanket is? Well, a weighted blanket, also called an anxiety or gravity blanket, is exactly as it sounds—a blanket with distinct weights stitched within the fabric. Before you get surprised, you should know that the weights implied here are not those you normally find in the gym.

A weighted blanket is packed with relatively smaller weights, like microbeads and other weighted pellet materials, that offer the blankets more comfort and a heavier feel.


Why Should You Make Weighted Blankets A Priority in Your Back-to-School List?

Multiple studies and research indicate that weighted blankets help reduce night movement. This factor can enhance the overall time you enjoy in deep, rejuvenating sleep cycles instead of tossing and turning.

If you need a pleasant, sound night's sleep, weighted blankets are fantastic that can offer a little added support and comfort to enhance your peaceful sleep. Here are some other reasons why weighted blankets are a must-carry in your school package list:


Top 4 Benefits of Using Weighted Blankets

Improved Health and Development of Better Habits

Adults and kids who wake up from a peaceful night's sleep usually start their day with a better mood and refreshed body. Furthermore, studies indicate that people who enjoy adequate sleep usually form healthier eating habits and exhibit more energy than their counterparts who get relatively less sleep.

With this in mind, weighted blankets like these are integral to promoting better sleep and health and habits. These improved changes and habits will make you perform better in your classwork, socialization, and sports.

Additionally, with continuous enhancement of sleeping habits, you will continue developing and eventually adopt these habits into your adulthood.


A Practical Solution to Anxiety Issues

We all get anxious at some point—that feeling of worry and uneasiness, whether it is about our studies, work, or general life experiences. Unfortunately, this can increase heart and breathing rate, a reaction our body produces to prepare for stress.

If your anxiety occurs regularly and seems to disrupt your normal life, you might suffer from anxiety disorders. Rather than worrying about your plans and upcoming events, you might tend to worry excessively about all situations.

Similarly, based on the happenings around you in school and general settings, your nervous system—known to control basic body functions like breathing and digestion—prepares you for rest or stress. This is normally called the fight response or fight.

Weighted blankets boast exclusive pressure that works on the nervous system and puts it on 'rest mode'. This minimizes anxiety symptoms like quickened breathing or heart rate, offering a general calm.


Proven ADHD Aid

Research has proven that a weighted vest that offers a similar effect to a weighted blanket can assist children with ADHD in calming their hyperactive minds and bodies. Also, it can assist in maintaining overall kid focus in class.

Parents who have purchased weighted blankets for their kids have identified a major improvement in the kids' overall attention span, reaction, and thought process speed. Furthermore, they have reported lesser off-seat behavior and fidgeting.

Quality weighted blankets can offer natural aid for youngsters with attention-related issues. Besides schoolwork, weighted blankets can also help improve overall productivity and work-related tasks.



Individuals who have ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder) find social interaction a mountain to climb. More often than not, this can result in stress and anxiety and make it challenging to function in school, public situations, and the workplace.

Weighted blankets generate exclusive pressure that can relieve stress and enhance the overall focusing ability of persons with ASD. What’s more, it can feel like a reward for them.

Furthermore, persons with ASD might also feel that sensory stimulations in their surroundings, like touch and noises, are severely intense. Unfortunately, this may make working, socializing, and playing much harder. With the pressure from a weighted blanket, you can enjoy comfort and relaxation, reducing the stress of feeling over-stimulated.



Whether you or your kid have autism, regular anxiety, or find it hard to stay or fall asleep, a quality weighted blanket might be your needed saving grace! Be sure to understand your particular needs, and proceed to find the ideal blanket for you.

If you want the best-weighted blankets or want to learn more, YNM is the place to be. We have various quality weighted blanket options and a team of professionals to help you make the right decision.

Good Luck!